To prove the lunch gods are smiling on this relationship you play a simple game of chance.

The game starts when you write a secret prediction on the back of a sugar packet and drop it in the client's pocket. In certain cultures this act alone is considered a meaningful experience.

Nine other sugar packets are numbered -one through nine. The spectator shakes up the nine numbered packets in an empty glass and then showers them onto the table. All the packets which land number-side down are eliminated. All the sugars with the numbers showing are put back into the glass and again shaken by the spectator. The game is played until just one lucky packet remains. Why is this a lucky packet7 Because the number on this one randomly selected packet matches the number written on the packet that's been in the spectator's pocket from the start.

When no one's looking: Secretly draw a number 2 on one side of a sugar packet. Stick this packet in with the others so the number is hidden Pay attention to where this packet goes so you know which one it is without having to look at them. No one should be aware that you've even touched the sugar packets before you begin.

5TE.P ONE. - At the right moment for magic, take one of the regular packets from the rest, and draw a 2 on it. Don't let anyone see the number you've written. Have a spectator pocket this prediction packet without looking at the number.

5TE.P T\N/0 - Pull out nine other packets (keeping track of the secret prepared packet without having to look) and scatter them. (Make sure the hidden writing doesn't show.) Write the number one onto a blank packet and drop it into a glass. Then slide the prepared packet over to yourself and draw a 2 on its blank side. (This is now a double-sided packet and will always show the 2 no matter how it lands on the table.) Toss it in the glass and continue to number the packets sequentially until you have a glass full of sugar packets numbered 1 through 9.

IN/POR-TANlT - When numbering the packets be sure to number some on the front and some on the back. This will make everything look normal no matter which side of your double-two packet is showing.

6TE-P TJJE.E.E. - Explain the game to your lucky sugar-shaker. She's to mix up the packets by shaking the glass and spilling them like dice across the table. Any packet with its number showing will be kept. The ones with their numbers not showing will be eliminated.

6TE-P fOVSi - The game begins, sugars are shaken, tossed, eliminated...the lucky numbers are tossed back into the glass. (If the glass is too small to mix the packets, she can just hold the packets in her hands and let them dribble onto the table.) Some tosses will leave all packets number side up - that's okay. Just put them all back in the glass and let them be mixed again. Continue the shaky game of elimination until only one number-side-up packet remains. It will always be the one with the secret extra number.

5TE-P pVL - Call out the number of the remaining packet, then tear it open so the extra 2 on the other side stays hidden. Dump the sugar into your coffee or beer and wad up the empty packet to destroy the evidence.

6TE.P 6IX - Direct your lunch buddy to remove the prediction packet from her pocket to discover that she's lucky to know you. Now try to explain to the waiter why you numbered all the sugar packets.

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This miracle force has been done for years using a mutant double-headed coin. Unfortunately most double-headed coins migrate their way into gum machines and cash registers. This version replaces the geek coin with a freak sugar packet which you can make on the run.

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