Put on your very best puppy-dog face and say, "I am really, really sorry - I was showing another client a weird psychic thing with my watch and I forgot to reset the time. "The client is torn - he wants to leave and never see your puppy-dog face again. But he just has to ask. "What weird psychic thing?"

Direct your client to call over the waiter, host, or hostess of his choice. You wrap your watch in a napkin, hand it to the waiter, and tell him to go across the room, out of your sight, and secretly set the watch at any time he desires, wrap it back up in the napkin, and bring it back to you. The waiter, although leery of weird psychic things, will oblige because it's his job.

Borrow the client's watch. Pause for a moment to receive weird psychic vibrations, then set the client's watch to 6:42. The waiter arrives with the napkin-wrapped watch and hands it to the client. He unwraps the watch -it's been set by the waiter to 6:421

The client is flabbergasted - he forgets about you being late. He is so intrigued by your talents that he arrives late for his next meeting because he forgot to reset his watch. But now he has the perfect excuse, and proceeds to tell about his lunch with a truly remarkable executive.

astonlsj-jln^ -

Two special pieces of paper hidden inside the napkin create a psychic link between you and the waiter. The first piece of paper is a $5.00 bill. The second piece of paper is a note from you:

"Please help me trick my friend. Set the watch to 6:42, put it back in the napkin, and keep the money for yourself. Please destroy this note and thanks for keeping a secret."

When you sit down at the table put a napkin on your lap. On top of the napkin casually and without your client seeing it, place a folded $5.00 bill and the scrap of paper with the secret message (see illustration). You're all set.

6TLP ONlL - Take off your watch, place it on your lap, and wrap it in the napkin with the two secret papers. (The client merely sees you place the watch on your lap and wrap it up. He doesn't know that there are other secret things down there.)

STLP TWJO - Give the bundle to the waiter and tell him to go out of sight so that he can pick up the indirect gamma-psychic rays. While the waiter is gone pretend to concentrate for a moment, then openly set the client's watch to 6:42.

STLP TJ-lR-LL - When the waiter gets back have him hand the bundled watch directly to the client and let the client unwrap the napkin and take out the watch. Show him what time you set his watch to. They are exactly the same!

0UL6TION - What if the waiter permanently leaves with my watch?

AÑ5W/LI2. - You'll have an even better excuse next time you're late for an appointment.

OULóTIONl - What if I am in an ethnic restaurant and none of the waiters speak English?

Por favor ayúdame engañar a mi amigo. Pon la hora del reloj a las 6:42, vuélvalo dentro de la servilleta, y guarda el dinero. Por favor, destruye esta nota y gracias por haber guardado el secreto.

Italian mi'a mico. Fissa l'orologio per le sei e quaran-tadue, rímettiío in cííetro in un tovagiïofo e ü'eni-

ti i soldi. Per favore, distruggi questa carta e grazie per mantenere il secreto.


S'il vous plait, aidez-moi â tromper mon ami. Reglez là montre sur 6 heures 42, remettez dans la serviette et gardez l'argent pour vous. S'il vous plait, detruisez cette note et merci pour garder le secret.


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