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Described by Michael Ammar

E-fTELCT - After spending some time with your audience, you decide to take them into your confidence, as you share with them the secret technique gamblers use for cheating at cards. The explanation is so fantastic that only a demonstration will do, so one at a time, the four Aces are 'invisibly palmed,' proving that fact is stranger than fiction.

Paul originally printed his handling of The Invisible Palm in LAS VEGAS CLOSE-UP. but the ten years since that was printed have evolved a handling and presentation that is as direct and entertaining as it gets. I, for one, have seen a few Invisible Palm routines that would bust Ed Mario's knuckles. Paul stuck to his guns when it came to combining only those methods and techniques which kept the integrity of the basic effect, while adding impact to the entertainment value.

So for you real-world performers, gather your Aces, dust off your working surface, and prepare your palms for "The P.H. Invisible Palm!"

PRJLiE-NlTATION - "I'm going to show you how a professional gambler cheats at cards. Basically, it's an advanced technique called PLAMING. That's spelled P-L-A-M-l-N-G. It was invented by a famous gambler by the name of Bermuda Shwartz. This was the very same man who nicknamed his wife Houdini, because she had trouble escaping from his trunks, but that's another story...

"Anyway. I'm going to demonstrate this wonderful technique he had for 'plaming,' and I'll show you the very same way he showed me, by using these four Aces.

"The first card starts in the standard "V" position, symbolic of the first letter of the word Venezuela. Notice the natural position of the hand. No one would ever suspect... What actually takes place, is that by flexing the fingers, the card is slowly being forced into the folds of the flesh. Frightening, isn't it. You can't see it, but you can feel it. Well, maybe later.

"When I turn my hand over, I can press, and actually squeeze that Ace back onto the table. Now many people find this merely amusing. Some, not even that. But what happens to the next card goes beyond amusing, and actually borders on the bizarre. Which is somewhere near Venezuela."

"It starts in the left, goes Into the right, (...stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight...). Then back to the table.

"The last Ace is 'planned' by the VacuSuck method. You just press and rub, squeezing out all the excess air, so the Ace actually sticks to my hand. It's not over here, no, no, no. It's over here. But by flexing my fingers, it works it's way into the folds of my flesh, making it naked to the invisible eye. All I have to do is press, and out comes the VacuSucked card. And that's how it's actually done."

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