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5TE-P ONE. - "Boy, are you in for a treat. Today's the day you're going to learn how to make big bucks at Blackjack. The secret is to get hold of one of these when no one's looking."

Double lift Ace and take single into left hand.

5TE-P T\\/0 - "You have to make it real small so no one will see it."

Fold the card and get it "set."

5TE-P Ti-lRLL - "Now I'll take a sample Blackjack hand...sixteen...bummer. That's a bad hand. Boy, it's a good thing I had the foresight to obtain a spare Ace."

Position the top two cards from the deck into the fold and display the bad hand of sixteen.

5TE.P FOUR - "I need my fingers free to make the secret move. Would you be kind enough to hold my, I mean the bad hand of sixteen - but thank you anyway. Hold the hand between your fingers just like this so that I know you're not doing anything to the cards that you wouldn't do to me."

Turn the Jack-Six pair face-down extra slow as the spectator moves her hand to take the cards.

6TELP FlVL - "Now that I have you to help me it's a simple matter to quickly unfold the Ace (squeeze the packet) iron out the wrinkles - using a miniature iron I keep up my sleeve, sneak the Ace into your hand, sneak out the Six, and fold up the Six so that it's easy to hide. And in my spare time I run out and grab a pizza. You seem skeptical. We really did it. Take a look."

"And as final proof - inside of my pocket is a signed receipt for the pizza, which maybe I'll show you later if you're really nice to me."

• Openly remove an Ace, Six and Jack. Arrange them in Six, Ace, Jack order so the Jack is at the face. Hold the packet face down in left-hand dealing position. Grasp a double from above by its ends with your right fingers and turn your right hand palm up to display the double Ace. Replace the double face down onto the single card then push the top single "Ace" into your right fingers. Your left fingers drop its two face-down cards to the table. You can now fold the card in your hand and get on with your life.

• To avoid the possibility of a premature seduction, place the spectator's two face-down cards onto the table - then have her guard them with an attentive finger.

FACE.-UP 6LPLICTItfN - Seductive Switch is even more seductive if you have the nerve to do a naked face-up switch. Hang onto the three "gimmicked" cards so that you're showing two face-up cards and direct someone to press a finger onto the top normal card (the one without the flap). So now the big trick is to slide away the folded card without having her notice the sudden change of one of the cards under her finger:

Focus all attention on the folded card as you position your palm-up right hand an inch or two above the tabled cards to block the spectator's view of the cards. Do this as your left hand slides away the folded card and places it in the right fingers (your apparent reason for putting your right hand above the tabled cards was to receive the left-hand's folded card). Keep attention on the folded card as you move to the left with it so that your right arm continues to cover the tabled cards. Then, whenever you feel like it, reveal the naked switch.

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