"Did you know that if you rub a bill some of its ink will come off? Oh . . . who told you? I thought it was a secret."

Set up the deck as you talk.

"Well, did you know that you can rub the Ink off of a playing card the same way?. No, then it must be a pretty good secret. I'll show you, but you have to promise not to show anyone else."

Bring out the blue card and turn it face up onto the deck. Rub the top single card against the card beneath it to "rub off the ink." Then deal the card onto the table.

"I think I left a little blue smudge on top of the deck (squint your eyes to look for the smudge). It's real hard to see - but if you smear the smudge onto another card there's better contrast - and sometimes you can see a faint trace of blue if the light hits it just right."

Do the first change.

"Don't be frightened. It's only a small amount of ink spread over a large area - something called an "inkling." Maybe we can stamp out a few more while it's still wet."

Do the rest of the triple-lift changes.

"But I have an inkling that none of this is real."

Flip over the tabled cards to reveal red backs.

"I'll make one last inkling just to keep me company."

Do final change. Pocket the card. Wipe your hands off.

- This is a fine follow-up to "Bizarre Twist" or "Color Stunner" (see Index).

• You could also do this with a back design that contains more powerful the spectator's name or a rough sketch of her face.



This novel device allows you to fold your normal deck in half so it fits under your airline seat as a piece of carry-on luggage.

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