1. Place the cube on the table to your right so that the Four side is down and the skinny bent end is towards the audience. This position should completely conceal the presence of the face-up Four on the bottom

2. With its back to the audience, run through the deck and up-jog the three Fours and then one indifferent card at the back.

3. Hold the deck with its up-jogged cards in your right hand and tilt your hand for a moment to flash the Fours. Pull out the Fours one at a time with your left hand, each Four going on top of the one before it (FIG 5). Tilt deck to hide the indifferent card as the third

out the "fourth Four" (the indifferent card) simply use the downward action to secretly push it square with the deck - as you pretend to add the card to the packet (FIG. 6).

5. Table the deck and grasp the face-up packet between your right thumb and fingers at its right side.

6. Your left hand revolves the audience side of the cube down onto the table to bring the fat end of the Four on top of the cube. Just as this fat "index end" is exposed, press down with your right thumb to make a short "fan" of the three Fours in your right hand - and in a continuous action, line up the fan with the exposed fat index to create a fan of four "unbent" Fours, as in FIG. 7.

four normal Fours as you touched them to the cube.

7. Hold this four-card spread for a moment and comment about the strange magnetic force of the cube and how that force might effect the fourth Four. (Practice these words before you say them for real.)

8. Slowly square the "four" cards as in FIG. 8, and as the cards square move the packet forward and leave it on top of the cube.

9. Direct a spectator to gently press her hand onto the four Fours. As she removes her hand, tilt the cube forward, scattering the three Fours onto the table, revealing that the fourth Four and the top of the cube, are one and the same.

pjjootnote -

• You can cleanly show all four Fours by having the black Four on the packet's face -then doing an Elmsley Count.

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