A card is selected, signed, and shuffled into the deck. The audience still has doubts about the safety and personal hygene of their card, so you hermetically seal your hand with the entire deck of cards into a large, clear plastic bag. The selected card rises out of the deck and penetrates through the bag. You spend the rest of the day with your hand in the bag because you think it looks cool.

6TE-P ¿?f\lEL - You need a deck of cards and a large, clear plastic bag. The bags we use are "Baggies," 11 x 13 inches. The deck and the bag can be examined. The bag should be flat on the table, with the open end toward yourself. Have a card selected, signed, returned, and control this card to the top of the deck.

iTE-P JVs/O - Hold the deck face down in left-hand dealing position. In the act of squaring up the deck with the right hand, palm the top (selected) card into your right hand. Your right hand then picks up the bag, grasping the bag at the top of the open end, with the thumb and fingers (FIG. 1). The left hand moves into the bag With the deck (FIG. 2).

5TE.P TtlE.E-E. - Your right hand lets go of the bag, and moves on top of the bag, right over the deck, to help square the deck (FIG. 3).

The left thumb and fingers grab the palmed card through the bag, holding it against the deck. The bag is, of course, in between the deck and the selected card. As soon as the deck is squared (and the card is loaded), the left hand turns over, rotating the back of the hand upwards. The bag comes along for the ride. FIG. 4 shows the position after the hand has turned over. The right hand hardly moves during this action, remaining in the position shown in FIG. 3, as the left hand turns over,

deck from outside of the bag, with the thumb on top of the left side of the deck, and the right fingers underneath (FIG. 5). The left hand inside the bag points to the "bottom" card of the deck, the card that is showing on the face of the deck. Name the card and ask the spec-

The left forefinger pushes into the center of the left side of the deck, enabling the left first and second fingers and thumb to pick up (cut) half of the deck to the left. This displays another card on the face of the half-pack that the right hand still holds through the bag (FIG. 6). Ask if this is the selected card, which it won't be. Remember, the right fingers are still holding the selected card under the bag, against

pack it is holding under the right hand's half-pack. Thus, the left-hand's half-pack is going under the selected card. When you take deck and bag in hand it will happen automatically -the selected card will actually be in the "middle" of the deck, although it is outside the bag, while the rest of the deck is inside the bag. Your maneuver has created a "pocket" that the selected card is in. You are holding the deck in the right hand just as you were in FIG. 5.

6TE-P 6IX - Take the deck back into the left hand, thumb on top (on the face) of the deck, with the fingers underneath (FIG. 7).

Move the "underside" of the deck up, so the backs of the cards are facing the spectators through the bag. The right hand grabs the bag that is around the left wrist, holding it tight so "nothing" can get in or out of the bag (FIG. 8).

hand, which will cause the selected card to rise up, out of the side of the deck, right through the bag. You do not want to have it look like you are pulling on the bag though, so you do a few things at the same time. First of all, you "massage" the deck with your left thumb and fingers. The movement of the left hand and fingers will hide the movement of the right hand and the bag.

When the card is halfway out of the bag (FIG. 9) you can display the situation from all angles, showing the face of the rising card to be the selected card. Keep a tight grip on the deck with the left hand as you do this. Return to your "massaging," and when the card is almost all the way out, have a spectator grab it and pull it out all of the way.

and slowly removed from inside of the bag, and all can be examined. Visual, strong, simple, fun and keeps well in the fridge.
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