5TELP ONE. - Place four halves onto the table in a square formation. A face-up card should be in the center of this layout. Place the two lower coins into your open left hand as in FIG. 1.

As your right fingers pick up the third coin at the upper left, position it in a classic-palm pretending to place it into your left hand. As you close your left fingers the two coins will clink against one another adding to the illusion. When doing this pass, the back of your right third and little fingers should touch the inside of the cupped left fingers. Your right hand then reaches for the card, letting the concealed coin drop to a finger-palm position. To pick up the card your index finger presses down onto the upper right corner. This leaves the left edge of the card off the table enabling your thumb to press up against the edge (FIG. 2).

From here the thumb presses the card against the fingers so that the thumb is on the back of the card, with the fingers pressing the coin up against the face of the card from below. You will pick up the card in this same manner throughout the routine.

6TE.P T\\10 - Gesture towards the closed left hand with this card then place it over the coin on the table. The concealed coin should be positioned so that it is directly below the first coin.

Your right fingers reach into the closed left fist, removing one of the coins. You are about to perform the "Han Ping Chien" move enabling you to show two coins in the left hand and one coin in the right.

Let gravity pull the coin to the bottom of your fist which rests on the table. Release the coin from the right fist, moving this hand to the right, at the same time slapping the coin from your left hand onto the table. This creates the illusion that both coins came from your left hand. The audience believes there is a coin in your right hand. Using all of the showmanship you can muster, make this coin vanish. Flip the card over to the left revealing two coins under the card. Your right index finger repositions the two coins so they appear as in FIG. 3.

6TE-P TJ-lE-E-E. - You now perform a "click" pass with the two remaining coins. Here's a quick description: Classic-palm the first coin in your right palm as you pretend to place it in your left. Your right fingers pick up the second coin, positioning it at the base of the second and third fingers of your right hand. As you pretend to place this coin into your left hand you allow the first-palmed coin to drop, clinking against the finger palmed coin, landing into the left hand, which quickly opens and closes. The audience "sees" and "hears" two coins go into the left hand.

Your right hand turns the card face down (the way you did with the first coin), gestures towards the closed left hand, then places the card along with the concealed coin onto the two coins on the table. The hidden coin should be positioned directly below the bottom coin.

6TE.P FOUR. - The three coins will now be in a column. It's okay if the top coin extends above the outer end of the card. Remove the coin from the closed left hand with your right fingers. Position it at the bottom of your fist as you did before. Pretend to slap a second coin from the left hand onto the table, actually letting the coin from the right hand fall. You have created the illusion of showing two coins while actually there is only one. Once again cause the "coin" in your right hand to vanish.

5TEP flN/E. - Nonchalantly perform a pass with the remaining coin, pretending to place it in your left hand but actually retaining it in your right. I just lay the coin onto my right fingertips and as I pretend to toss the coin to my left hand, I snap it into a classic-palm in my right hand...then immediately let the palmed right hand coin drop to a finger-palm as the right fingers grasp the card by its left edge turning it face up to the right, revealing three coins. You then slide the card under the three coins from the right, leaving the fourth coin concealed under the right edge of the card (FIG. 4).

6TE.P 6IX - Direct a spectator to place her hand palm down onto the three visible coins as you secretly slide the extra coin under the other coins. As soon as her hand is in place, slide the card out leaving all four coins under the spectators hand. She will have no idea that a fourth coin has been added.

Balance the card on the fingertips of your closed left hand. Slowly open your fingers, letting the card drop onto your open palm. Clip the front end of the card between your left first and second fingers. Extend these fingers, taking the card with it, showing that the last coin has vanished. Your spectator will eventually lift her hand to find all four coins.

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