6TE.P ONE. - Grasp the case-and-a-half from above by its sides with your right fingers so that your right hand conceals the right end of the bottomless case (FIG. 9).

5TE.P T\\10 - Comment that a friend gave you a "joke deck" for your birthday, then bring out the hinged deck so that the exposed ends of the decks point toward the audience.

•5TE.P TJ-lRELE. - Move your left hand toward the deck as your right hand tilts the left side of the deck up - so that the underside of the folded deck presses up against your left hand. This leaves the two "halves" held between your two hands in a semi-prayer position. The right fingers are still firmly curled around the bottomless case (FIG. 10).

6TE.P FOUR. - Grasp the non-deck end of the half-case with your left fingers in the same fashion that the right fingers hold its end.

5TE.P FlVH - Tilt the back of your hands to the audience and open and close the hinged deck a few times as you comment that it's a portable pack for travelers - or for poker players that can never fold a hand (FIG. 11). Finish your hinge demonstration with the deck in open (unfolded) condition.

5TE.P 6IX - The right card-end of the half case should be in position on the inner edge of the bottomless case ready to be pushed inside. Slide your left hand to the right so that it holds both halves (don't slide too far or you'll expose the left end of the case...FIG. 12).

5TE.P 5LVLN - Tilt the back of your hands to the audience and rest the left side of your left hand on the table. As your left hand moves to the table your right hand slides around to the top end of the bottomless case so that your thumb is at the back half-moon side of the case. The end of the half-case rests on the table concealed by your left hand (FIG. 13).

6TELP tl<^jJT - Unfold the flap with your right fingers as your left hand presses the bottomless case down onto the table - causing the half-case to slide into the bottomless case - pushing the deck out the top. You can display the rising deck effect here or you can grasp the end of the deck with your right fingers and make the audience think that you pulled it out of the case. The case is now

6TtP NllNlt - Put the case away in your pocket with your left hand (keeping the gaffed surface down) while your right hand spreads out the deck to show that the 'hinge" has vanished.

5TE.P TE.Nl - Perform a breathtaking sequence of Close-up Seductions. Make me proud.

6TE.P tLtVtNl - When you're ready to put the deck away bring out the case with your left hand holding it from above by its sides so that the flap end is on top pointing toward the audience (FIG. 15).

5TtP TW/E-LVE- - Insert the deck into the case with your right hand. Your left hand conceals the half-deck as it's pushed out at the inner end. Close the flap with your right fingers then grasp the flap end of the case from above by its sides with your right fingers in the "ready-to-hinge" grip (FIG. 12).

6TE-P Ti-JlR-TELE.Nl - Slide your left hand back so that it grips the half pack from above by its ends. This action is covered by turning the backs of your hands toward the audience.

5TE.P fOLJI2.TE-E.Nl - Move your palms toward each other to fold the deck in half - so that the exposed ends of the cards are toward the audience (FIG. 16).

6TE.P HFTtE.Nl - Release your left-hand grip as your right hand moves straight back with the two halves - continuing to keep the exposed ends toward the audience. Place the deck in your right-hand pocket or case - leaving you in perfect position to unhinge your next audience.

OFFICIAL NlOTICt OF APPRECIATION! -To Patrick Snowden! for simplifying the construction of the fake, without which you'd still be gluing real hinges onto your deck.


Finally, a big time dancing-girls-and-roller-skating-elephants finale for your close-up card magic that you can carry in the back of your pants. Close-up philosopher Jay Sankey has gone against his better judgment and created an audience-preferred effect - that lets artless thrill-mongers enjoy the existential experience of watching you squeeze an Ace, Two, Three, and Four together into a perfect jumbo "10."

PREPARATION - Fold a jumbo Ten of Hearts (the same color back as the normal-size deck you're using) face down in half, then in half again the other way so that the card is folded in quarters.

Place the jumbo into your back-left pants pocket (or into your left jacket pocket) so that the edges of the long side are up, and the end with the rounded edges points to the left.

6TEP ¿?NE - Get the normal size Ten of Hearts to the top of the deck and force it on a spectator.

6TEP J\JO - Direct the spectator to shuffle her selected card back into the deck.


.5TEP TJjREE - Take back the deck and spread it between your hands so that the backs of the cards are toward the audience. Up-jog the Ace, Two, Three, and Four of Hearts as you attempt to locate the selection through the process of elimination. Place a card onto the face of the deck that's a close match for the one already there (King of Hearts/Jack of Hearts).

5TEP pOUR. - During the up-jogging process, break the spread at the Ten of Hearts whenever it appears so that the Ten is at the back of the right-hand half. Use your left fingers, which still hold its half, to pull out as one unit whatever number of Hearts you've managed to up-jog before you found the Ten. Place this group of up-jogged cards, still up-jogged, onto the face of the left-hand half - then place the right-hand half square onto the left-hand half (onto the up-jogged cards).

This should leave you with the Ten of Hearts positioned directly to the right of the first up-jogged card.

Continue to up-jog the rest of the required Hearts (if you haven't already up-jogged them).

±T[LP pIN/E. - Place the deck, along with its four up-jogged Hearts, face down onto your left palm. Spread the deck into your right hand until all the up-jogged cards are in the right hand group. Do not spread beyond the last up-jogged card (FIG. 1).

four out-jogged cards, obtain a left little-finger break below the face-down Ten that's on top of the left-hand half.

5TE.P 6Q.N/E.N - Place the right-hand cards face up onto the left-hand cards. Grasp the deck from above by its ends with your right fingers and transfer the break to your right thumb.

5TE.P E-I^LlT - Cut off the cards from below the break with your left hand and place them face up onto the right-hand cards. Obtain a right-thumb break above the reversed Ten at the bottom o^ the deck.

6TE-P hJlNlE. - Turn your head away to the left while the spectator looks through the four cards to secretly remove her selection. As you turn your head, slip your left hand into your pocket and grab the jumbo (you don't have to palm it). Bring the deck to meet your left hand as it comes out of your pocket and place the deck face up onto your left hand - on top of the jumbo.

The long "unfolded" edge of the concealed jumbo should be to the left. The rounded-corner end is at the front (FIG. 2). By now the spectator will have said something very close to "Hey - my card isn't here."

the deck to the bottom (below the jumbo) with your left thumb, then leave the deck in your left hand - transferring the break to your left-little finger. Retrieve the four cards from the spectator with your right hand. As your right hand leaves the deck, tilt the right side of the deck down to conceal the right side of the jumbo card.

6TE-P LLLVLlsl - Place the four Heart cards face up onto the face-up deck with your right hand, then grasp the deck from above by its ends with your right fingers and transfer the break to your right thumb. Comment that her selection is among the four cards - if you look at things matbematicaWv.

6TE-P TW/LLA/L - Use your left thumb to slide the top Heart off of the deck onto your left palm. Slide the remaining three Hearts onto your left palm one at a time. As each Heart is pulled off, add up the four values for the audience to arrive at the grand total of Ten Hearts - a decidedly cheesy way to reveal the spectator's selection.

5TLP TJ-IIR.TLLN - As soon as the last Heart is slid onto your left palm, use the left side of the deck to lever the four cards over face down onto your left hand. Follow the four-card packet as it turns down with the jumbo at the bottom of the deck — the jumbo staying in constant contact with the back of the turning packet (FIG. 3).

As the packet turns completely over, grasp all the cards from below the break with your left fingers (from the top down this includes the face-down card, then the jumbo, a face-up card, and the four face-down Hearts).

In a continuing action, your right hand places the deck beneath the face-down packet and onto the left palm so that the face-down packet and all the stuff on top of it are square on the face of the deck.

As soon as this packet touches the face of the deck, grasp the jumbo (and the card on top of it) from above by its ends with your right fingers and remove it off the deck to the right.

You have switched the four-card Heart packet (now hidden face down under the face card of the deck) for the jumbo (in your right hand under the face-down Ten). S

To the audience, you've simply turned the four Hearts face down and transferred them to your right hand. Table the face-up deck. Comment that the cards will look a lot more like her selection if the sides are stuck together.

6TE-P rOUR.TE-E.Nl - Squeeze the "four cards" between your palms to weld them together. Then use your right fingers to unfold the first fold of the jumbo, along with the facedown Ten, toward yourself so that the loose normal-size Ten is concealed face up on your left palm beneath the unfolded flap of the jumbo.

6TE.P HFTE-E.Nl - Unfold the rest of the jumbo to reveal the jumbo face-up Ten - keeping the normal Ten hidden behind it.

iTLP 6IXTE_E.Nl - Grasp the right side of the jumbo and the card beneath it with your right fingers. Remark that the jumbo Ten comes supplied with its own portable wallet-size version. Slide the small Ten into view out to the right and strike a perfect "10" pose (FIG. 4).

Straighten out the four reversed cards at your leisure or, if you want, simply give the deck a complete cut then ribbon spread the cards face down to reveal the four face-up Hearts...but you'll hate yourself in the morning.

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