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6TEP OhJE - As you talk about your least favorite Blackjack hand, start to spread the deck between your hands, backs to the audience, and use your left thumb to secretly swivel the Ace of Hearts so it lays across the spread (FIGS. 1, 2). Note that the inner left corner of the Ace is the part that swivels up so the Heart bumps are pointing toward the left. The spread deck gives you complete cover for this action.

position as you continue spreading, looking for a bad Blackjack hand. This can be a Four, Five or Six plus any face card or Ten spot. You need a pair where the small card is on the LEFT. When you locate the bad hand, break the spread so the pair is on the face of the left-hand spread.

6TEP TLlREE - Slide the right-hand carcf^ (including the crossed Ace) under the left-hand pair to put the Blackjack hand onto the face of the deck, on top of the crossed card (FIG. 3). Your right fingers then grip the loose mess from above by its ends while your left fingers tidy things up (FIG. 4).

the pair spread to the right to keep the crossed Ace concealed and make sure the second card is square with the deck.

Your left fingers then grasp the sides of the deck from below (FIG. 5 exposed view) so that your fingertips press up against the back of the crossed Ace. Your left fingers and thumb gently stroke the sides of the deck in a squaring action to position the crossed Ace flush with the top end and left side of the deck. Slide the top card up about a half-inch for that oh-so-casual look (FIGS. 6, 7) and you're ready to bleach.

piWTNotl -

You may want to do Bill's setup before you publicly put on your dancing shoes, but I don't know you well enough to advise you one way or the other.

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Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

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