Peanut Uttee Alp Jiiyfijj

E-ffE-CT - A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is on a napkin; resting on the palm of your hand. Suddenly, the top slice starts to move, floats eerily above the rest of the sandwich, and sort of dances around in the air. The PB&J settles back to where it started. You eat it.

DIRTY \N/£?RI^1 - The paper napkin on your hand (it should be large enough to completely cover your hand) has a hole in it that your middle finger can be pressed straight up through, thus effectively insulting the top slice of bread. When you make the sandwich, spread the peanut butter and jelly both on one piece of bread. Make a hole in the center of this bread and then rest the clean slice on top of it. The napkin goes on your hand, and the sandwich goes on the napkin. The hole in the napkin should line up with the hole in the bottom of your sandwich (FIG. 1).

Both holes go right over the base of your middle finger (FIG. 2).

and lower slice to create your gimmick on the run.

iTE-P £?nJE. - Arrange your life so that your audience views this from above. It helps to lower your hand with the sandwich to your waist level.

5TE.P ~[\Jo - Your other fingers keep the lower slice anchored as you slowly press your middle finger up through the holes causing the upper slice to rise up off the sandwich as in FIG. 3 (make sure you've got the balance right.). Now wiggle the finger back and forth to make the top slice dance.

5TE-P Til RILE. - Allow the bread to settle back down onto the sandwich. Pull your finger out of the hole back under the napkin. Pick up the sandwich and take a bite, while your other hand crushes the napkin to hide the hole. Casually wipe your finger with the crushed napkin, and don't allow anyone to see the underside of your lunch 'till you've eaten the evidence.

FA6T-FOOV FL^AT - You can do the same effect with a burger or a flying fish fillet.

\/E-l2.±>k?M #2 - This is done as a quickie gross-out to enhance the digestion process. The setup is pretty much the same, except when you press your finger up into the sandwich, get it all covered with a big glob of peanut butter and jelly so it can't be recognized as a finger. This disguised finger pokes through just enough to pass as an alien peanut butter creature.

6TE.P £?NE_ - Comment that this was supposed to be a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

6TE.P T^0 - Use your free hand to openly lift off the upper piece of bread. The hole and your finger should be completely covered by the glob. Wiggle your finger around, and calmly comment, "It's a banana slug!" (It should really look like a living something is squirming under the peanut butter.)

6TE.P TJ-IE.E.E. - Quickly press the upper slice back in place and pick up the sandwich. (Pull out your finger and crush the napkin just like in the first version.) Take a big bite to make Mr. Slug go to sleep.

piwtn^tl -

• Combine the two versions by commenting that there seems to be something in your sandwich. Animate the upper slice so it jiggles around, then reveal the surprise inside. This performance art sandwich is an Academy Award winner for junior astonishees. Or you can do it to entertain yourself when no one's looking.

• In the not-too-didtant past, Elmsley, Andrus, Dingle and Fearson have used this same principle to float a small packet of cards off of a deck.

E-FFE-CT - You give a special someone two folded, signed, business cards to hold in her hand. She utters the magic name "Rumpled Splitskin" and the two signed cards merge into a single seamless unit...leaving one card permanently bonded INSIDE the layers of the other card. This is something your client will cherish forever and ever until something better comes along.

PE.E.P - You need a stack of your business cards and a glue stick. Take one of your cards and carefully peel back one layer of the paper 3/4 of the way across (FIG. 1). (Depending on the card stock, you may have to go through a few cards to get a clean split.).

Lay another card crosswise between the layers of paper, and glue the split card back together as in FIG. 2. Fold the ends of the inner card down and around to the backside (FIG. 3). Put this gaff second from the top of your stack of business cards and snap a rubber band around them to hold things in place.

remove the rubber band. Develop some rapport with your client. If the rapport part isn't happening, give her the rubber band and call it a day.

6TLP J\\/0 - Lift off the top single card and place it down crossed-over the gaff as in FIG. 4. Fold the two protruding ends of this card onto the back of the second gaffed card, so it matches the look of the glued cards (FIG. 5). (You'll have to lift the gaffed card up a bit to tuck in the folded ends.) Have someone initial the exposed flat end of the gaffed card that's under the top folded card.

i>TE-P TJ-lE-ELC. - Tip the stack toward yourself slightly, and slide the glued cards out from under the single folded card (Slide it toward youself from the packet's top end.) Your left hand turns down to hide the single folded card as this is done (FIG. 6).

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