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e all think in terms of the big picture. But it is the lack of attention to detail that frequently causes problems, creates ill-will, and builds up resentment. Like not delivering something that's promised or not returning a phone call or even being late for appointments.

These "minor" inconveniences send a clear message to your clients about your overall competence.

Clients care about results, not excuses. But when you have to make an excuse, make it a memorable one.

You're a tad late for your lunch meeting. You hope against hope that your client is late, too. But there he is at the table, stubble of growth on his chin, surrounded by fourteen empty nacho baskets - a haunted look in his eyes and a thin layer of dust on his briefcase. He sees you - it's too late to run. The client stands up, brushes flecks of nacho chips off his suit, and says "Okay Mr. Astonishing Exec, you'd better have a good excuse."

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