Get out a bunch of paper clips, toothpicks, matches, Turns, Life Savers, coins, anything you have a bunch of. Note: A bunch is forty or more. I'll pretend you're using a bunch of paper clips so I won't get confused.

6TE-P ONIEL - To astonish yourself clear off your desk or a table and lay out a square of paper clips as shown in FIG. 1.

Put the extra clips in a pile in the middle. Double check your square of paper clips with the picture to make sure you have the correct number of clips in each spot.

Your square is a perfect-ten on all sides. Let's count them just for fun.


5TE-P J\J0 - Count the clips in the top row. You'll have ten clips. Count the clips on the right side - ten clips. Count the clips on the bottom row - ten clips. Count the clips on the left side row - ten clips. You can start counting from any corner up, down, or sideways. You'll always count ten clips in each row.

6TE.P Ti-lRHEL - Pick up a single clip from your extra-clip pile. Hold it, feel it, kiss it goodbye, and put the clip onto the right side row as shown in FIG. 2.

Now, move one clip from the lower right comer to a middle spot on the bottom row (FIG. 3). You know in your heart that one of the rows must now have eleven clips.

N0\V FOR. TLlE A5TONl5llNc; PART -One clip has vanished! I know it's hard to believe, so go ahead and count all four rows of the #3 square and you'll still have ten clips in each row, even though you just added one!

5TE-P FOUR. - Let's do it again. Take another clip from your extra pile - kiss it good-bye, and put it in the top row (FIG. 4).

Now move one clip from the upper left corner to the left side (FIG. 5).

Your logical mind insists that there has to be a row of eleven clips somewhere - so go ahead and count the four rows in #5: ten, ten, ten, ten. Another perfect-ten. "Where does the extra clip go?" I'm not prepared to answer that question.

STELP flVL - Let's Do It Again. Pick up another eleventh clip from the slush pile. Kiss it good-bye, and put it in the upper-right corner as shown in FIG. 6.

0 0

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