Lue Tatt

¿?UE.5TI^N - Why does everyone who does the "Color Changing Deck" open with it?

AN6W/E.R. - Because deck switches are not high fun.

Wouldn't it be nice to throw this effect into your show at anytime without ringing in the cooler? Welcome to "Blue Tattoo."

E-H^ELCT - Whenever you feel like bring out ONE blue-back card and rub some of its ink onto your normal RED-BACKED deck. You toss the odd blue-backer aside, then cleanly print, one at a time, six or seven blue-backed cards. The thin layer of blue ink quickly fades away, and the batch of blues turn back to reds. Even the original blue card changes to red, forcing you to print an extra blue-backer to keep the universe in balance. (All right, so its not really an official color-changing deck effect because you don't change all of the cards. But you could theoretically change the entire deck one card at a time, although if you're inclined to do this you may want to re-evaluate your life's direction.

PREPARATION - One blue card is in your pocket. Mine happens to be the King of Hearts. Conspire to make the top card of your red-backed deck the King of Hearts.

6TE.P ¿?NlE_ - Bring out your odd blue card and toss it face down on the table. Spread the top card off the deck, and up-jog the next six cards. As you square the deck (leaving the six cards up-jogged) obtain a break under the top card of the deck with your left little finger (FIG. 1). Strip the six cards out with your right hand, and slide the top card of the removed packet toward yourself with your right thumb about a quarter of an inch.

5TEP T\V0 - Flip the packet face up onto the deck so the in-jogged card lands square on the top card of the deck. Turn your left hand palm down with the deck so your left forefinger can press the out-jogged packet face down onto the table (FIG. 2). This leaves a face-up card on top of the deck, covering the card that matches the blue one. So don't turn your hand palm up yet.

¿TEP TJjR.EE - Use your left fingers to slide the odd blue card face down onto the back of the deck without flashing the reversed card. Turn your left hand with the deck face up. Your right fingers then turn all three cards above the break face up as one card (regaining your little finger break as the cards land) and instantly starts to rub the top single face-up card back and forth against the second card (to warm up the ink). To your audience you have flipped the blue card face up and rubbed it against the top (red) card. Stop rubbing and place the top card face up onto the table.

NlOTE - You are now holding a break with your left pinky under the top two cards. You will continue to hold that break throughout the effect.

6TEP fOUR. - Pick up one of the red cards from the tabled packet and place it face up onto the deck. Press for a moment, and lift the three cards as one by their ends, flashing the blue back. Return the triple card face up to the deck (keep that break with your left little finger) and deal the top card face up onto the table. Pick up another card from the red packet and do the same printing sequence again. And again, and again. Each time a face-down card is picked up, printed, and then returned to the table face up until there are two cards remaining to be printed.

6TEP p\/E - Pick up the two remaining red cards and place both of them face up on top so the lower card is squared with the top of the deck. Pick up the cards at the break (apparently just the top two spread cards) and flash the backs of both cards as in FIG. 3. One is red, the other changed to blue. Replace the "two" cards face up onto the deck then lift off the top single face-up card with your right fingers as you deal the other changed card off the top, face up onto the tabled group. Immediately place the right-hand card face up onto the deck and do the normal printing move to change this last card. Deal it face up onto the table with the other "blues."

5TEP 6IX - Rub all the freshly-printed faceup cards on the table to remove the "blue stains" and flip them face down to show they've all changed back to red. Now rub the remaining "original blue card" face up on the table and flip it face down to reveal it has turned red as well!

6TEP ¿EVEN! - Remove the double card from the top without showing the face (it's a blue back) and transfer it to the bottom. Instantly flip the entire deck face up to reveal one last blue card. Take that card (don't show its face) and put it in your pocket as a souvenir.

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