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ror when you want to travel In style -complete with tinted windows, and a spiffy chauffeur with a funny hat. Four Jacks are "squiggled" at your fingertips and change into four other cards. This "squiggle misdirection" enables you to secretly escort the four Jacks into the box - or so the pedestrian audience is driven to believe. This was originally designed as a flashy extension to "Reset." (see Index).

R.<?AP CLlE-Ckl - You'll need to load a card into the box before you begin. Take any card (except a Jack or an Ace) and put it face up in the card box (FIG. 1). The half-moon cutout on the box faces up, the loosely folded-over flap hides the face-up card in the case. Put the case aside to your right.

5TLP ¿?NlL - Pull out the Jacks and Aces from the deck. Arrange the cards so the Jacks are in Red, Red, Black, Black order from the face - and the Aces are in Black, Black, Red, Red order from the face (FIG. 2 This is also the final display from Re-set).

¿TE-P T\V(7 - Announce an open demonstration of the art of misdirection. Scoop up all eight face-up cards with your right hand, so the Aces are on top of the Jacks. Hold the packet from above by its ends in your right fingers. Pick up the rest of the face-up deck in left-hand dealing position.

5TELP TtlE-C-E. - Your left thumb slides the first Ace off the right-hand packet onto the deck. Catch a left little-finger break under the Ace as it lands on the deck. Continue to count the Aces off one by one while holding the break. As your thumb pulls the fourth Ace off of the packet, steal the three Aces above the break under the right-hand cards (FIG. 3). Table the deck face up.

you have counted all four Aces onto the face of the deck. Actually only one Ace is on the deck. The rest are hidden under the Jacks in your right hand.

5TE.P fOUE. - Count the Jacks one at a time into your left hand by sliding them off with your left thumb. When you've counted three your right fingers will be holding a packet of cards (three Aces under the last Jack) as if they were one card. Obtain a right thumb break as you place the three Jacks underneath this packet.

5TE.P pIN/E. - Reach over with your right hand (the cards just "happen" to be there) and pick up the case so that the bottom three Jacks go square onto the case. Carry the case over to the left, and put it in mechanics grip in your left hand. Turn your left hand palm down with the case, secretly taking the three "broken" Jacks underneath (FIG. 4) Turn the four cards in your right hand face down and fan them out (also FIG. 4). These two actions happen simultaneously as you comment that you are going to sneak the Jacks into the card case using misdirection.

the left so it's three hidden Jacks remain concealed underneath. Point to the Ace on the face of the deck and say the Aces will provide the distraction. Your left fingers turn the tabled deck face down.

6TE.P 5E.VC.Nl - Square the right-hand fan and take the packet face down in left-hand dealing position. Flash the Jack at the face of the packet then openly spread the four facedown cards between your hands. Your right fingers openly slide the top and third card to the right (FIG. 5). Do the "Squiggle Flourish" by spreading the two sets of interlaced cards back and forth against each other. (Both thumbs and forefingers slide their two cards back and forth so the four cards weave in and out of each other as in FIG. 6). Put the right-hand cards under the left-hand cards.

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