This is where you end up when you use Paul Harris' "Reflex" as a starting point, and then turn left. The routine packs in three solid effects, and is suitable for crowds small and large. It's even impromptu.

Hands down, this is one of my favorite card tricks.

E-FfELCT - A woman pulls five cards from the deck and remembers one. Looking at the packet, you name one card that catches your eye — the woman gives you no indication whether it's hers. Proposing a game of reflexes, you show the face of each card, then deal it to the table face down. 'The instant the woman sees her card, she is to slam her hand onto it. Though you have no idea which card is hers, you will attempt to beat her. The tension mounts. The cards are dealt. Then wham! The woman slams her hand onto her card. To your surprise it is not the one that caught your eye.

Time to go to plan B. You instruct the woman to slide her card over to the side, but to keep her hand on it. You then show that all of the cards are actually duplicates of her selection, making it impossible for you to lose. So what then of the card that caught your eye? Unbelievably, the woman finds it beneath her hand. So that no one goes home a loser, you visibly change her card back into the selection, and the remaining cards back to their varied identities.

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