5TE.P TtlE-LL - Riffle shuffle the two center packets together so that the visible black card falls on top. Take care not to expose the hidden black cards. Push the shuffled cards together at an angle so that the "reds" can be seen going into the blacks (FIG. 6). Slide this unsquared half to the left above the left-hand packet. Shuffle the two end packets together in the same way except this time allow the red card to fall last.

6TE-P F<?UR. - Position your right and left fingers over the two halves so that the cards are boxed in from all four sides (FIG. 7).

Square the cards by sliding your thumbs across the inner side of the halves. Spread both halves towards yourself at the same time (taking care not to expose the odd-colored card second from the face of each half) revealing that the reds from one half and the blacks from the other half have either vanished or transposed - depending upon how you feel that day (FIG. 8).


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