- When I first published this I become so engrossed in writing a bizarre lead-in that I forgot to point out the absolute white-light astonishment of this effect. A spectator holds a card firmly in her fingers...then sees and feels it vanish! It's a silver bullet that I hold in reserve for those lost souls who have trouble accessing the moment.

I created the effect that follows based on something I published awhile back known as "The Bizarre Twist." Cannibalizing one's own material may seem a bit bizarre in itself. But this year's annual "Win a Date with P.H. Buffalo Bake-off" to see who could cook up the most outrageous close-up fantasy was won hands down by semi-professional bizarre person Mel Stover.

Mel's award-winning performance of close-up tackiness took place at a small country-western bar in Calgary. Mel bet that he could open a bottle of beer with his teeth. Mel proceeded to win the wager by suavely removing his teeth and uncapping the beer with a bottle opener which he had previously imbedded in his upper plate.

Mel promises that for next year's entry he plans to stuff his entire face inside the beer bottle. Progressive Publisher and Part-Time Buffalo Baker Chuck Martinez has already purchased exclusive rights to manufacture the official "Mel Stover Folding-Face Gimmick."

ELFFLCT - A playing card visibly disappears while held in a spectator's hand.

5TELP ¿?NE. - Arrange the deck so that three cards of some significance are on top. Let's say that you have an Ace sandwiched between two Jacks . Openly turn these three cards face up on top of the pack. Hold the pack from above by its ends with your right fingers and allow the lower half of the deck to drop to the table. The unspoken logic for dropping the lower half is that you need only the top three cards - so you've made a halfhearted attempt to separate them from the deck.

You're now set to Biddle-steal the Ace as you count the three cards off the packet and into your left hand: Press your left thumb onto the face of the top card and slide it diagonally off the packet across the upper left corner and onto the left palm (FIG. 1).

Repeat the same action with the Ace, but obtain a left little-finger break below the Ace as it's slid onto the face of the left-hand pack. As the third card (the second Jack) is slid onto the left-hand cards, the Ace above the break is stolen at the bottom of the right-hand packet with your right fingers (FIG. 2).

The right-hand packet should be positioned near the tabled packet (FIG. 3) so the right hand can place its packet onto the tabled one as a natural follow-through of the steal.

The audience should now believe you to have three face-up cards in your left hand.

STOP jW0 - Adjust the two-card packet so that it's held face down from below by its ends between your left thumb and fingers. Lift the top card up slightly at its inner side with your right fingers (FIG. 4).

Reach into the gap with your right thumb and forefinger and pretend to remove the center Ace. Since there is no center Ace, remove the bottom card instead (FIG. 5).

5TE-P TJ-lRJLE. - Turn the end of the right-hand card toward the inner side of the left-hand card. Allow the tip of your left forefinger to lightly press up against the face of the left-hand card (FIG. 6).

Pretend to place the right-hand card crosswise between the "two cards" in the left hand ala "Bizarre Twist" (Figs 7, 8).

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