3. You've used the Line Force, then the Circle Force, to get to the target row. Then the X-Force and the Box Force to land the target value. The Underline Force followed by the Check Force has led you to the target suit. You might say, "...Let's see what we've ended up with here...You've got Seven and you checked the Spade suit...Would you read my prediction?"

4. You won't believe how often something like this occurs. One quick Circle Force and it is miracle time...keep a straight face. Moments like this make life and cocktail napkins meaningful.

I just read this again and it looks like some monstrously complicated math trick. Not so! It's just the nature of explaining all the contingencies of "a trick that can't be explained." Learning all the details is a small price to pay for a no-deck think-of-a-card where all you need is a napkin and an advanced degree in psychology.

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