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¿TLP FlVL - Say, "You shuffled and dealt the cards. I don't want to touch anything," and with one finger nudge the case toward her. "Pick up the box" and with the same fair hands-off attitude gently pick up the pillow so it's just off the floor as in FIG 4, and say "Pick up the deck." It's natural for you to move the pillow slightly to the left toward your spectator, making it easier for her to take the deck. At this moment both sets of bills will be momentarily blocked from view by the offered pillow.

down on the floor so it now covers the spectator's stack...leaving your pre-set stack now visible on the right side of the pillow. Still flowing, direct your spectator to place the deck inside it's box and to put the box aside.

The deed is done. Anyone paying close attention would simply see the pillow naturally being moved from one side of the bill to the you naturally offered the deck to your spectator. The moment when the bill is blocked from view (where all attention will be on the deck) is enough to neutralize anyone's specific memory of where the bill was supposed to be.

Now it's time to sell the details. She shuffled the deck, she dealt the random cards onto her random dollar, which just happens to be the home of eight random serial numbers. Let her slowly deal through the cards one at a time as she matches them up for eight moments of astonishment.

• What about the stuff under the pillow? The stuff will be quite content to sit there until whenever you feel like retrieving it. Remember, the pillow is just a neutral part of the landscape. But if this makes you twitch: Before the big reveal, direct your spectator to carefully take her dollar stack into another room so that there is no way you could be influencing what she's about to witness. Then while she astonishes herself in the bathroom you can rearrange the furniture.

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