6TE-P FIN/EL - Remove the half-deck and smear some glue all over the Inside of the half-case. Replace the deck inside so that its rough-cut end is out of sight against the inner end of the case. You have officially glued the half deck into the half case. Get used to the fact that you will never be able to use the half deck for anything else.

¿TE.P 6IX - Glue the cut-out side piece directly onto the exposed side of the deck so that it looks like the side piece is a permanent part of the case.

¿TE.P 6E.N/E.N - Take the other case and cut out its bottom end - making a bottomless case.

6TE.P EJCj'JJT - Take the remaining left-over card-case top and remove the sides. Glue the cut-out onto the half-moon side of the bottomless case so that the design is exposed and the cut end is square with the case's inner end (FIG. 5).

5TE.P NlNE. - Insert the half-case into the bottomless case tongue end first as in FIG. 6. The half-case should easily slide in and out of the bottomless case - but should be tight enough so that the case doesn't wobble. Cases can vary slightly in size. If the half-case gets stuck, you'll have to widen the outer case: Carefully unpeel one of the outer-case's side flaps, then re-glue it slightly lower against the inner flap - thus widening the case.

When the half-case is flush with the bottomless case, the tongue should be contained within the bottomless case. If anything sticks out too far, is uneven, or doesn't look right — cut it off with the scissors. Then slide out the half-case and crease its tongue as in FIG. 7.

6E-TUP - Insert the half-case flush into the bottomless case from its bottomless end. Insert a real deck into the bottomless case from its other end. The deck will slide over the tongue and push the half-case out of the bottomless case. The weight of the deck pressing on the tongue will keep the half-case in position. Tuck in the flap (the real one on the bottomless case) and fold the half-case at the creased tongue onto the back of the bottomless case (FIG. 8).

Place the deck-and-a-half into a right-hand pocket or close-up case so that the bottomless case is on top of the half-case and the exposed ends of the decks point forward.

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