5TE.P - Reverse the action just described above, turning the right-hand half-pack face down on top of the left-hand half-pack, placing the entire deck and the gaffed card back in your starting position of FIG. 2. Place the hanger over the deck (FIG. 7). Note that the hanger is in between the second and third fingers, at the right side of the deck. Take all of the cards above the gaffed card and place them on top of the hanger (FIG. 8). Keep the left-hand's half-pack tilted upwards during this cut so the gaff is not flashed. Also note the new position of the left thumb which is on top of the hanger, rather than below it.

5TLP FIVE. - In this position both the gaff and the hanger are protruding out of the center of the deck to the right in between your left second and third fingers. Your right first and second fingers and thumb reach between your left second and third fingers, grabbing the protruding part of the gaff and the part of the hanger that the gaff is lying against (FIG. 9 -the left fingers are removed for clarity). The left second and third fingers spread a bit, making room for the right hand.

deck so its toward the spectators. Your left first and second fingers are moved a bit away from the deck, allowing the right hand to raise the hanger and the gaffed card upwards as shown in FIG. 10. Move your left hand with the deck away placing the deck on the table and clearly display that Voilal - you have impaled a selected card through a coathanger!

5TE.P 5E.VE.nI - Make sure you have a tight grip on the gaff against the hanger, and that your right forefinger and thumb are right against the side of the card. Your left hand can wiggle the card a bit, proving its impalement further, but be careful not to nudge the gaff.

Bring your left hand over the card as shown in FIG. 11. With the left hand, slide the card along the "hanger" (actually the gaff) bit by bit to your left, until the card is almost off the gaff. You must move your right hand, also to the left, keeping it over the gaff and card, rather than against them, as it was when displaying the impalement. The view from the front is shown in FIG. 12 .

6TE-P EJ<iJ-lT - Your left thumb and fingers slowly tear the card off the gaff, while the left thumb and fingers slide the gaff into the right hand. The left hand places the card on the table, and the right hand places the hanger on the table. The gaff hidden in the right hand is dumped while replacing the pen back into your pocket.

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