TR-ANiPtfiLP PLR.ftCTI<?Nll6T ¿TE.P ¿?NEL - Use both hands to scoop up the two spreads. As the squared cards are turned face down, your thumbs slide out the cards at the face of each half (FIGS. 1, 2). Flash the faces of these two cards (looking for stray colors) and drop them face down onto their face-down halves.

Continue by cutting both halves about a third of the way down with both hands, flash the faces of the cut-off portions, replace them. Pick up both packets, backs to the audience, and tap their sides against the table to square them. Table the right-hand packet face up while the left-hand's packet is held face up at the fingertips from below at the inner end.

NOTE- - In case you haven't noticed, you just executed the "P.H. fudge-o packet switch."

The black packet is actually a red packet disguised by a black card, while the red packet is actually a black packet disguised by a red card. The initial cutting of the tabled halves shows that the colors are where they're supposed to be. The audience doesn't care. When you square the packets with their backs to the audience, you've parlayed their not caring into not remembering. When you then turn both halves face up, your not-caring, not-remembering audience will be unaffected by the not-announced position change of the colors.

5TE-P T\V<? - Direct a spectator to hold out one hand palm up. At this moment the card at the face of the left hand is palmed off with the right hand as follows: Place the first joints of your fingers against the outer end of the card (FIG. 3). Press down and forward with your right fingers causing the face card to slide over the end of the deck - then lever into the right palm (FIG. 4).

In a continuing action, the left hand turns the deck face down where the right fingers then grasp the right end of the cards from above (FIG. 5). In actual practice, the right fingers touch the face of the packet for just an instant on its way to grasping the right end of the deck. The palm should be executed in action as your hands move toward the spectator to deposit the cards face down on her waiting hand. (Note: You may find the palm easier if the card is pushed a little bit over the end of

5TE.P TJ-lR-ELE. - Position your right palm directly above the tabled "black" packet. As you drop the palmed red card onto the face of the packet, immediately box the packet from all sides with your right fingers (FIG. 6). Pause for a second, then spread the cards to reveal their flash transformation into red cards (taking care not to expose the single black card second from the face (FIG. 7). The spectator will need no prompting to examine her packet of no-longer-red cards.

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