Relax and exhale as you toss the card. You need to be in a very still yet focused state to consistently achieve a good toss and catch.

CATCMq TtlE- CAE.D - Execute the one-hand cut just as the card is tossed (all eyes should be on the card), the deck stays open FIG. 6. As the spinning card boomerangs back, adjust the deck's angle so the break is on the same plane as the spinning card. Your deck hand "tracks the card" by moving down or back, allowing the card to catch up with the deck. Do not thrust the deck out to meet the card. You may still catch it but you'll miss more often.

When you miss: Drop your break and cut the slashed card back to the bottom. Pick up the tossed card and try again.

Other than that the effect is basically self-working.

PlWTNk?TL6 -

• Instead of finding the tossed card's mate, you could toss an indifferent card and use it to split a previous selection. Force the split card in a way that keeps the split concealed. The good news about this is that when you miss the catch you don't have to chase down the card. You can just take another random card off the deck and try again.

• Force a normal card that's a duplicate of the split card that's on the bottom. Really lose the force card in the deck's center. Then use any other card as the boomerang.

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