6TE.P EJCJlJT - Carry the palmed card toward the audience and flash your palm briefly. They shouldn't see much. Then do it again, but a little slower. They'll begin to wonder where the card is.

5TE-P NiNE - (Busby's "Lay Down") Carry the invisible card down with your right hand (you must believe it is there) and touch the heel of your right hand down on the table just below the bottom edge of the double card. As you press your hand down swivel it to the right carrying the top card of the double with it (FIG. 7). Your right hand shouldn't appear to slide; it should seem to drop straight down. Slowly spread your fingers to reveal the card underneath. Lift your hand up to complete the illusion.

6TE-P TElsl - (Ackerman's "Two and Two" bluff) Square the cards in your left hand as the audience reacts. (They will react.) Now take the left-hand packet into your right hand from above (Biddle Grip). Use your left fingers to slide the bottom card to the left a couple of inches. (This leaves a perfectly-aligned double card on top of the side-jogged single bottom card.) Bow these down in the middle slightly with your index finger.

5TEP ELEVEN - Pick up the two tabled cards with your left hand. Flash the faces of all four cards but only comment on the number -not the identities. "Okay, two and two." Without missing a beat, table the right-hand cards directly in front of you using the same technique as before. (Press down against the cards with your index fingernail, release the ends and lift your finger.) Draw attention to the two cards in your left hand.

5TE-P T\VEL\/E - (Another "Tent Vanish") Remove the top card with your right hand and prop it up in position for the "Tent Vanish". Pretend to palm the raised card with your right hand. Once again let it pop off your left thumb and land flat on the other card. Squeeze the cards slightly with your left hand to square them up neatly. Then carry your (now stiff) right hand away with the invisible card. Don't show your palm just yet.

6TEP TiJlE2-TEE.Nl - (The "Snap Move") Slide your left forefinger under the double card in your left hand. Raise the card up off your palm so it's held toward the tips of your fingers and thumb (FIG. 8). Bend your forefinger in against your left thumb (FIG. 9). This position is critical: your left index finger and thumb have the edge of the double locked in place. Your other fingers are on the other side bowing the card(s) down. Pinch the left side of the card(s) tightly and allow the right side of the double to pop off of your fingers with a sharp "snap." You may need to experiment with the exact grip to keep the double perfectly aligned. It seems to be a single card.

5TE.P rOUI2.TLE.lsl - (Another "Lay-Down") Immediately shift your attention to the right hand. Spread your fingers very slightly and relax the hand a little. Slowly turn it over and show your palm. Point out that the card is there, it's just well hidden. Close your fingers and pretend to place the hidden card to the right of the tabled cards. As your hand presses down you separate the double as described in the "Lay-Down" above. (Swivel, don't spread.) Open your fingers and lift your hand. And yes, they will react again.

6TE.P PFTE-E.Nl - Use your right fingers to snap the right side of the double in your left hand. Take the double from above with your right hand as one card. Use your left hand to scoop up the three tabled cards as you say something like, "One more time...with three and one."

5TE.P 5IXTLLN - Show the face of the right-hand double and call out its name. (This is the first and only time you draw attention to the identity of a card.) Drop the face-down double squarely on top of the left hand cards. Immediately deal the top card off of the packet just to the right of the tabled deck. Say, "We'll do this last one the hard way - backwards."

6TE.P 5LVLNTLLN - Take the packet in the right hand from above by its ends and spread the bottom two cards to the left with your left fingers. You're now holding a three-card spread with a perfectly aligned double on top. Bow the cards down with your index finger and table them a comfortable arm's reach from the other cards. (Press down with the nail, release the ends, and lift.)

6TE.P LI^JJTLLN - Say, "Instead of putting the card down on the table, I'll try to pick it up off the table." Show your right hand empty and press it straight down onto the card. As you flex and struggle a bit to unsuccessfully palm the card up with your flat hand, "accidentally" bump the tabled deck, slightly scattering the cards (This gives you a reason to pick up the deck for the rub-away-vanish that follows).Your left hand quickly picks up the deck as your right hand picks up the single card, and drops it on top of the deck.

Instantly brush some "dust" off the spot where the card was with your right hand. This is powerful psychology leading into the next step.

5TE.P NINIC.TC.C.N - (The "Rub-Away Vanish") Show your right hand briefly. Bring the deck down to the table as if you were going to deal off the top card. Your left thumb pushes the top card off of the deck as far as you can. (It helps if you call the name of the card you showed earlier to remind them.)

Two things must now happen at once. Your right hand presses directly down to the table where the jogged card is while your left hand smoothly pulls the deck away to the left. Your left thumb pulls the top card square with the rest as this happens. Follow through by pausing a half-beat, and then mime the action of palming the card off the table with your right hand. Make this advanced "off-the-table palm" seem to be a slight challenge.

6TLP TW/LNTY - Lift your right hand up tentatively as if you just barely have a grip on the palmed card. Use the tip of your left pinky to quickly press up against the "card" so your right hand can get a better grip. This is an important convincer and should be done openly. Pause a moment...and if you want, your left fingers can casually flash the top indifferent card of the deck.

5tlp TVlNTY-ONL - Squeeze the nonexistent card in your right hand then open your fingers and show your palm. Slowly turn your hand over and back and comment on how well the card is concealed.

6tlp TW/lNTY-T\\/0 - Again press down with the heel of your hand, swivel down taking the top card of the double with it and make it look like you just put your hand down.

¿tlp T\VlNTY-TJJE.LL - Spread your fingers and pick up your hand. Slowly pick up the face-down card that just appeared, and use it to flip the others face up. Call out the name of the card once more, and then slowly turn it over. Let everyone clearly see that there are only four cards.

pjJootNote - Eric's extra touches: Using indifferent cards, the slow seduction of gradually revealing how well hidden the card really is and the "bump-gambit" for logically picking up the deck for the rub-away vanish all greatly contribute to putting this baby to bed. You can check out the very similar version from M.A.J, to see how the presentation flows...and to get another look at the basic moves. But for now and maybe forever, this is my major Mondo.


For those of you working on "The Mondo-Nifty Invisible Palm" here's an easy training-wheels version that gets you through the effect in less than ten seconds. I often use this as a quick "expose" to set the premise for Las Vegas Leaper (see Index).

EFFECT - Two cards are shown and one of them is placed on the table. The remaining card is openly palmed in the right hand. The card is "absorbed into the folds of your flesh" so the hand can be shown empty on all sides. You then visibly eject the invisibly-palmed card next to the other card on the table.

See the feature-length Mondo-Nifty Invisible Palm for details and illustrations.

6TE.P ONE - Hold the deck face up in the left hand. Secretly get a little-finger break above the bottom two cards. Grasp the deck from above with your right hand and carry the deck away to the right as your left thumb openly pulls the face card off onto the double. (The double is created by taking the two cards below the break.) Table the deck face down.

5TE.P T\VO - Comment on the identity of the two cards. Square them, then flip them face down. Your left thumb, pushes the top card up and to the LEFT so the double underneath is exposed. Take the double card from above with your right fingers and slide it out from under the jogged card.

•5TE.P TJ-li2.EE. - Flash the face of the double and place it down on the table as one card.

¿TEP FOUR. - Pick up the deck and place the remaining card face down on top. (Don't show the face of this card, because it isn't one of the originals.)

iTEP FIVE - Holding the deck in your left hand, raise the card up into position for the tent vanish. Pretend to palm the card in your right hand as you let it drop down onto the deck.

.5TEP 5IX - Flex your fingers to squeeze the imaginary card into the folds of your flesh and then slowly show both sides of your hand.

5TEP 6EVEN - Lower your palm-down right hand to the tabled double and pretend to set the "palmed card" onto it. As soon as your hand touches the tabled double. Busby-swivel your hand to the right and press it flat.

5TEP ElC^JJT - Flip both cards over, face up to finish.

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