iTE-P TJ-lRE-E. - Obtain a left-pinky break beneath the second card as you square your left-hand spread. Double lift by grasping the two cards above the break with your right fingers from above by the ends. Turn your hand palm up to display the face of the marked selection (FIG. 4). (Bow the double outward for

face of the cards as you turn them face up onto your left hand...where your left thumb slides the spectator's single face-up card off the face and into your right fingers. Your left hand then tables its cards face up square onto the other half.

6TLP F^UR. - Your left hand then retrieves the case and holds it as in FIG. 5. so your left thumb conceals the mark (without touching it).

As you move to slide the spectator's "marked" card under the "unmarked" cellophane, tilt up the end of the case to hide its mark, as your right fingers turn it's card face down (outer end also tilted up to momentarily conceal it's unmarked back) as in FIG. 6.

Slide the face down card under the cellophane so the mark is positioned above the end of the card so it appears to be the original marked card (FIG. 7). Vibrate the card then hold the case by its sides as you allow your spectator to slowly slide out her card...where its mark slides off onto the membrane. So you've sanitized the spectator's card by messing up your squeaky-clean case. Now what?

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