6TE.P ONE. - Get this card to the center of the deck, which is held in the left hand, with the extra quarter-inch of the gaff protruding to the right, hidden between your second and third fingers (FIG. 2 shows the left second and third fingers spread for clarity). Bring out the pack in this position, or the gaffed card can start on the bottom of the deck, where you cut the gaffed card to the center.

5TE.P T\v<? - Get a left little-finger break underneath the gaffed card. This is easy because of the slight thickness of the gaff raising the card's left side up a bit. Do a Riffle Force by riffling the outer left corner of the pack with your left thumb, until a spectator says "stop." Time this so she stops you somewhere near the center of the deck. Bring the right hand over the top of the deck, getting into a Biddle position (see the right hand in FIG. 3). The right hand picks up all of the cards above the break. The gaffed card is at the bottom of the right-hand's half-pack, so make sure the right fingers conceal the protruding part of the gaff. See FIG. 3.

6TE.P TLlE-E-E. - The next move, which shows the "freely" selected card and puts it into position to be signed, takes maybe a second and is one fluid motion, but I'll describe it in three easy and separate steps. The right-hand half-pack is still held as in FIG. 3. First, the half-pack's inner end is turned upward, so the face of the gaffed card is toward you (FIG. 4 a front view). Second, move your thumb down so it covers the gaff as shown in FIG. 5 -a rear view. Third, continue turning the half-pack over until you are in the position shown in FIG. 6 - a front view. This openly displays the selected card and allows it to be easily signed. Remember, this is one fluid action.

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