6TELP FIVE. - Your right fingers pick up the face-up deck and transfer it to the tips of your left thumb and fingers, which hold it clear of the marked case (FIG. 8). Your right fingers double lift to show a clean back (FIG. 9). Replace the double, and as your right fingers slide off the face-up (marked) single, your left hand turns down to table the deck face down.

6TE.P 5IX - Tilt the card so only you can see it's back and adjust your grip so your right thumb conceals the secret question mark. Casually allow the back of the card to be seen as your left fingers pick up the box. The box should be marked-side up, flap end pointing toward you (FIG. 10).

As you move to slide the card under the cellophane, tilt the audience end of the box and the card up slightly to momentarily conceal the marked surface of the case and the card, where your left thumb secretly erases the mark on the case. At the same time your right thumb slides up to the unmarked end of its card, where your right fingers swivel the card around so it's marked end can be slipped under the cellophane.

-5TE.P 6C.VC.rJ - Slide the card under the cellophane so the card's mark is in about the same position as was the erased cellophane's mark as you untilt the case where everything appears to be transparently true. The audience has just seen you slide an unmarked card under the marked cellophane membrane. The actual reality is exactly the opposite.

Allow someone to hold the case as your fingers vibrate the card a bit...causing the question mark to penetrate the clear membrane and re-attatch itself to the back of the card. Slowly slide out the card to reveal the now permanent non-sliding question mark.

• Yes, you can use any small mark: a happy face, a spectator's initials etc. (etc. is not one of the suggested marks but it could be used.).

• There's an excellent chance that your left thumb will now have a smudge of ink on it. This is something you'll have to deal with.

• You can use the final marked card to slide directly into "Sliding Ink" (see Index).

• One of my more extravagant indulgences for this used a cut-out cardcase back (half-moon side) that was wrapped in cellophane just like the real thing (The gaff was trimmed slightly shorter for easier concealment in a deck although a perfect fit was impossible which is something that's almost beyond my comprehension.).

I used a Sharpie to draw a question mark on a face-up card and slid it into the cellophane gaff, then drew a matching question mark on the inner surface of the cellophane wrapped around the real box, then slid a duplicate unmarked card face-up under that cellophane. ^

So then in performance while the audience examined the marked box and the unmarked card (which I would have forced if I had an ounce of integrity but when you have a gaff that doesn't fit your deck you start to let things slide.).

Next I'd hire a small child to load the gaff from my pocket onto the bottom of the deck, then bestow upon someone the honor of replacing the unmarked face-up card into the marked cellophane...and as my right hand (which held the face-up deck with the never-to-be squared gaff at the back) closed the case flap, I'd actually load the cellophane gaff directly onto the the flap looked closed and if you lived right most of the gaffed edges would line up (but sometimes didn't which was not fun but still didn't bother me half as much as the gaff NEVER being able to perfectly square with the deck.).

So in a Utopian angle-proof-world of improbably innocent onlookers everything looked exactly the same as before...and now when the card was slid out, the mark had transmor-graflamed itself from the cellophane onto the face of the card, which is something you don't see everyday.

The marked card was then replaced face up back under the cellophane...and as my deck hand opened the flap (for no good reason except as maybe a ritual action to reverse the magic... but that was the least of my problems) I'd steal the gaff back onto the bottom of the deck WHICH WOULD NEVER EVER REALLY FIT then drop the deck in a pocket as the spectator slid the now unmarked card out from the marked cellophane sort of ending clean if you don't count the deck in my pocket and too many of these things (...) all over the page and the DEMENTED NEVER-TO-BE-SQUARED DEMON-SPAWN GAFF OF DISCIPLINE.

And then I stopped and looked around and realized that none of this fit into a peaceful lifestyle of intentional simplicity so I tore the gaff up into a thousand pieces and burnt the pieces and flushed them down the toilet, then blew up the toilet, then wrote this insane PHootNote, the cutsie spelling of which is not one of my finer moments.

Okay...I think we should move on now.

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