5TE.P EJ£j"J-lT - Flip the four cards face up to show an Ace and do the Elmsley Count to show that the Jacks have turned into four Aces. Flip these cards face down and drop them onto the tabled deck.

6TtP NlhJt - Pick up the tabled card box with your left hand - keeping the cards hidden underneath. Use your right fingers to lift the flap up, revealing a flash of the card inside (apparently the four Jacks). Shake the case a little so the card slides out an inch or so (FIG. 7). Pinch all of the cards (the one in the box and the three underneath) together with your right thumb and fingers and slide them from the case to create the illusion that all of the cards come from inside the case.

5TtP TLNl - Drop the case to the table and turn the packet face up onto your left hand. Use your right hand to take the face-up Jack from the packet and drop it face down on the deck. Without pausing, take the second Jack and drop it face down on the deck without a break in the rhythm, your left thumb flips the remaining two cards face down as your right fingers take the top card (the indifferent one) off of the packet and drop it face down on the deck.

As this card is still dropping your left fingers flash the face of the remaining card where your right fingers toss it face down onto the deck to finish. Once you find your rythym, this Hammanesque bluff silently rolls by like a freshly lubed limo.

pjjootnotl -

I alway use this final bluff display of the Jacks. But if it's not your style you can fudge your way around it by loading a face card into the case. Then when you remove the four cards from the box you can simply fan them face up to show four Jacks, taking care to cover most of the non-Jack card at the back with the Jack above it.

TJ-lEL 6E_PUCTI<?N ~ The audience's perception of a losing Blackjack hand held by a spectator is so completely altered that you can transform it into a winner - by simply being yourself.

6TE-P £?NE- - Set up three cards on the deck from the top down, Six, Ace, Jack.

5TLP T\V0 - Doub\e-Vrtt to show the Ace then turn the double down onto the deck.

5TC.P TJ-IR.E.E. - Slide the top single card (the Six) off of the deck by pinching it at its inner- left corner between your right first finger on top, and right thumb from below. Your left hand tables the deck face down in front of you.

5TC-P F^UR. - Hold the card so that its face is toward the table. The corner pinched between your right thumb and first finger is now at the inner right (FIG. 1).

5TELP FIN/L - Grasp the card from below by its sides between your left thumb and fingers. Fold the face-down card in half by squeezing your left thumb and fingers together. The pinched inner-right corner remains stuck out towards you. separate from the folded card. This stuck-out corner is naturally hidden from the audience by your right fingers and the folded card (FIGS. 2,3).

6TE.P 5IX - Keep your right thumb pressed against the face of the stuck-out left corner while your right fingers move over onto the audience side of the card (FIG. 4). Squeeze your right thumb and fingers together to openly flatten the center crease while your right thumb secretly bends the stuck-out corner up against the folded card. Use your left fingers to openly flatten the rest of the center crease while your right thumb secretly flattens the crease of the face-up index corner.

6TE.P EJg-lT - Grasp the folded card between your left fingers and thumb (FIG. 7).

¿TE.P 5E.\/E.Nl - Openly fold the folded card in half once more by folding the left end out front onto the right end (FIG. 5). The hidden bent index corner stays in position at the back of the folded card (FIG. 6).

6TE.P NllNlE. - Your right fingertips slide the tabled deck's top two cards over the left side of the deck. When the two cards are extending to the left, remove the two cards as one unit from the deck by pinching them at their inner ends between your right thumb from below, fingers on top (FIGS. 8).

5TE-P TEN - The two face-down cards pinched together at their inner ends between your right thumb and first finger should now be in a spread condition, with the top card extending to the left about half of an inch. Tilt the faces of the pair (Ace/Jack) toward yourself so that your right thumb and the first finger are at the top end of the cards.

5TEP ELEVEN - Keep the right hand steady as your left fingers openly place the folded card against the back of the pair. Undercover of this action allow the upper index corner of the Ace to slip into the "pocket" directly in front of the secret bent corner (FIG. 9). The upper index corner of the Jack goes onto the right side of the bent index corner. A few minor adjustments by your right thumb and fingers will make things appear exactly as though the pair held next to the folded card consists of a Jack and a Six. Look at this for a few moments and think nice thoughts about me (FIGS. 10,11).

5TE.P TW/ELVE - Turn your left hand palm up to share this situation with your audience so that they can think nice things about you.

5TEP T-UlR.TE.E-N— Ever so slowly turn the cards face down and direct a spectator to hold the Jack/Six pair at her fingertips. Retain your grip on the folded card — where the secret bent corner is now hidden at the bottom (FIG. 12).

5TEP FOURTEEN - Transfer the folded card to your right fingers by placing your right fingers on top of the folded card, while your left thumb slides between the outside card and the bent corner As your right fingers take the folded card, move your right thumb and fingers down slightly to secretly unbend the bent corner (FIGS. 13,14).

6TE.P HFTtE-N - Grasp the folded card from below between your left thumb at the inner left corner and your left second fingertip at the diagonally opposite upper right corner (FIG. 15). Openly press the tip of your right first finger down onto the center of the folded card, so that your left thumb and second finger can easily bend the card up in half. This bending action is openly performed as a magical gesture. Its purpose is to camouflage the secret bend's crease (FIG. 16).

5TE-P 6IXTE.E.N - Casually toss the folded card onto the table and direct your spectator's attention to the pair in her hand that she religiously believes to be a bad hand of sixteen. After a moment's hesitation the lucky lady will discover a perfect hand of twenty-one. A moment later she'll discover the seductively folded six!


For Looy!

My original Blackjack fake required a torn card. I told Looy I was unhappy with this and would be able to live a more carefree life if there were a way to create the fake by bending it or something. Looy said, "Oh," took my card, and bent it.

0 0

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