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5TE-P It. - You need to have a cocktail hot dog palmed in your right hand. A piece of bubble gum or tofu sculpted to the shape of a little hot dog can be substituted if you're desperate. You should never be that desperate.

┬┐TtP TWlO - Show someone the classic floating-sausage optical illusion. Have the spectator hold her two forefingers in front of her face as shown in the illustration.

When in the right position a person will see a sausage-shaped something-or-other floating in between her fingers. (It helps if the person's eyes are focused on something far away, not the fingers.)

If the spectator says she isn't seeing it, she just isn't holding her hands properly or looking properly. Have her touch the ends of her forefingers and have her hold them very close to her eyes. Tell her to slowly move her fingers away from her eyes, and to separate the fingers a tiny bit, until she sees something in between her fingers.

Most people will get the illusion of the floating sausage. If you run into someone who doesn't see it, well - that's the breaks.

6TtP - When the spectator confirms that she does see the sausage, your right hand reaches up and lightly grabs the ends of her two fingers. The tips of both her fingers should be held inside your fist. Move your hand down a bit, loosen up your fist so the spectator can remove her fingers - and immediately display the free lunch.

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Originally published by D. Robbins

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