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Vhen you first walked into my office you were just another business suit waiting to be wrinkled - now there's a burst of applause at the mere mention of your initials. And yes, you've even learned not to giggle. All right - I admit it. You've become pretty darn incredible. You've learned to break the ice, get a client's attention, get your proposals talked about and remembered, and get YOU talked about and remembered.

One day soon, you'll be in the office, or with a client or with the stockholders, and without even trying you'll just naturally stand out as someone special. Your executive glow of confidence will shine through and you'll be astonishing just by being your wonderful mini-amaz-ing self. That's right. The real secret of executive success has nothing to do with cleverness or diabolical power plays - the real secret comes from the inside. It's not who you know or what you drive or how you dress - it's not about the size of your bank account or the label on your suit - it's not...

"Excuse me."


"What about a Rolex?"

"What about it?"

"You're don't have a Rolex?"

"WelL.I was going to buy one, but then I blew the twelve grand on a new pacemaker for Mom. It was a tough call."

" can you not have a Rolex? I mean, come on, how do you expect to get anywhere without a Rolex?"

A frivolous spending spree has left you without the resources to purchase a Rolex. Your astonishing career is at a dead stop. "Gee, where did I go wrong?"


Find a Rolex exec and tell him you've marked a secret page number in this book with a paper clip. A secret page number that will exactly match his secret Rolex number. He'll have no idea which secret Rolex number you're talking about. So you show him the full-page chart to calculate his secret Rolex number.

1. Put your finger on any number.

2. Move your finger along the line to the opposite number.

3. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

5. Divide the new number by 2.

6. This result is your secret Rolex number. Remember it.

Cover text below with your hand as spectator follows above instructions.

He is thinking of a secret Rolex number. You've secretly marked the page number in this book with a paper clip. The two numbers are supposed to match, but he knows they can't match because the secret number he is thinking of is 3 1/2, and everyone knows there is no page 3 1/2. He rechecks his calculation - yep, it's 3 1/2. He knows you've blown it. Of course he won't tell you this, he'll just quietly sneer at your upcoming humiliation as his $12,000 Rolex goes on keeping perfect time.

The trap is set. You innocently ask if he'd like to make a small wager that your secret page prediction will match his secret Rolex number.

He tries to keep a straight face as he says, "Sure...what's the bet?" You say, "Oh, I don't know - let's keep it friendly. Your Rolex for my Toyota."

Sign the necessary documents, imagine how nice the Rolex would look in your sock drawer, take a deep breath, and turn to page 3 1/2. You can thank me later.

Pl\00~[\\0JL - Yes, this takes the classic Fako deck effect and puts it in a book to create a higher level of Fako.

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