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This started as an almost-impossible-to-solve concept, and ended up as an ideal showcase for the power of brainstorming. Many methods were developed and discarded, until we settled with the following method. There is little doubt that this is a real astonisher, and can even be done with a borrowed deck. As you read through this, notice how simple and direct the handling is, along with the fact that you appear completely clean all the way through. This is classically quick, powerful, and direct.

ELFFE-CT - A card is selected and signed. An ordinary coathanger is "sandwiched" in the middle of the deck. The coathanger is pulled out of the deck and the signed, selected card is impaled through the wire of the hanger. The card is really torn off, and everything immediately examined.

PR.E--J-luN<^ - The "gaff" needed is a piece of coathanger two and three-quarters of an inch long. This is a quarter of an inch longer than the width of a poker-sized card. You'd need a shorter gimmick if using bridge-sized cards. You also need a normal coathanger that matches the hanger you cut the gaff from and a pen.

Push the gaff through the center of a card and place it in the position shown in FIG. 1A (FIG. 1B shows the gaffed card face down on top of the deck).

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