Tribute To Tarbell

My all-time favorite magic book is the first volume of THE TARBELL COURSE IN MAGIC. With the profusion of books coming out these days, it may surprise some of my readers I'm not more "progressive." I've read some disparaging remarks on the Internet and elsewhere about how "antique" and "outdated" Tarbell's series is. My guess is magicians making those comments haven't studied the gems in the classic books of our art.

The older books are a constant source of inspiration to me. For instance, the first volume of Tarbell's series has a trick by

Joe Berg called the "Count Down " Card Mystery. Berg's basic effect is powerful enough for a stage show — I have used it that way. I've made a few changes in handling and presentation to suit my style, making it sure fire.

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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