You will need a column cut from the want ad section of your newspaper. Unlike other versions of the Spackman method, the column you pick should have ads on both sides.

Make your predictions — there are two — on two eight-and-one-half by 11-inch sheets of paper, with a broad marking pen. Each of your forecasts predicts the top line of one side of the want ad column. Before you write the predictions, first fold the paper in fourths by folding up the bottom quarter, then another quarter, and finally the last. Now write the predictions so each covers the sheet from top to bottom in block letters, then refold the sheets. This pre-fold is important for heightening the drama of the climax, as you'll see when I get to it.

You will also need to make a simple Double Envelope by cutting the flap and address side off an envelope, then inserting it into another matching envelope. I use large kraft paper envelopes, made of #60 heavyweight manila, measuring four-and-one-half by 10-and-three-eighths-inches. This larger size and weight serves two purposes: The envelopes are opaque, making the gimmicked envelope impossible to see through. They will also give you plenty of room so you won't cut the prediction, when you snip the envelope open at the climax.

You will need two empty coin envelopes. The coin envelopes I use are #5-1/2 manila. These envelopes measure three-and-one-eighth-inches by five-and-one-half-inches. This size allows the spectators to insert the newspaper pieces into them without fumbling. You can get any of the envelopes I've described at the office super stores.

The final bit of preparation is this: Place one of the folded predictions — you need to remember which — into the section of the Double Envelope behind the insert. Lick the rear flaj and seal it to the front one. The envelope should now look unprepared.

Place the second folded prediction in the open compartment of the envelope with the want ad column, and the two coin envelopes. Have a pair of scissors available.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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