Since I began my career as a professional 25 years ago, I've done few lectures for magicians. My first was in 1982 for a local club in Connecticut, where I live, on the subject of men-talism. My next, for which I produced my ADD RICH'S TO YOUR MAGIC notes, was during 1984, and presented for the same group. I was privileged to lecture at P. Howard Lyons's exclusive invitation-only Ibidem Events convention twice in the mid-1980s. (That material eventually formed the basis of my THREE MIRACLE ROUTINES book.) I did a once-only lecture in 1991, at which point I stopped lecturing.

It's been over a decade since I took to the road for more than a month, driving across America for my first and only lecture tour. My goal wasn't to make a ton of money. The idea was to see the country with my wife Patty and my daughters, Ruth and Rachel, both then preteens. Thankfully, I had unlimited mileage for the rental car!

Knowing I would need lecture notes, I hit the typewriter — no computer back then—writing RICH WITH A TWIST. Since I would be demonstrating and teaching the material in-person, I didn't go into much detail in my written explanations — those notes were just 16 pages. I am delighted Jeff Busby took those notes, poked and prodded me for the "real stuff," vastly expanding, rewriting, and updating the material. In addition, he's taken several of my unpublished effects and added them to the book: All the details are here. I'm very proud of DYNAMIC MYSTERIES.

The subtitle is "A Collection of Practical High-Impact Effects." I'd like to emphasize that word "practical." Some magicians make their livelihood from lecturing. They don't go into the real world and do their magic. Often, the magic they show is designed just for the lecture. In contrast, the material in this book represents many years of performances for the paying public.

As Jeff and I worked on this material, I was transported to the past when these routines were developed and tested. Until the very early 1990s, I performed magic table-to-table at the Marriott Hotel in Farmington, Connecticut, during their elaborate brunch. Every Sunday I wasn't on the road, for seven years, I performed nonstop from 10:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. Freedom Ring, 1We for the Money, and Puff Pasteboard are routines I performed hundreds, even thousands, of times at the Farmington Marriott. Each went through uncountable variations until I was happy with the results. You get the final versions here — the way I performed them.

Under Test Conditions has taken me all over the globe working at trade shows for Risk and Insurance Management and the Canadian division of the same association. There is hardly a major city in the U.S. and Canada — as well as three appearances in Monte Carlo — where it wasn't a mainstay of my work. It's one I do constantly and I've never had anyone figure it out. I recall performing it as the opener of my lecture in Philadelphia. After I did it, several magicians dropped to their knees and bowed low to me! That was a great night with wonderful people. I also did the Expanding Leipzig's Secret segment of Supernatural Sight for that club. I remember chuckling to myself about the method when it stunned them.

In this book, you'll find more "brain-busters" I do in the Test Conditions Card Magic chapter. Additionally, I've divulged all the components of Supernatural Sight, including my design duplication climax. In essence, what you have in the last chapter is a "book within a book" — a complete series of lessons on professional mcntalism.

I use Viewed ESP Prediction regularly. In fact, I performed it last week during a convention at the Westin Resort at Hilton Head, South Carolina. I always carry an ESP deck that's set for it. It's one of my favorites when I have a "mini-crowd" of about 15 people gathered around a table. It is so easy to do and destroys the crowd because of the apparent fairness. Jeff's write-up reveals some subtle touches I hate to give away.

Though I've done Total Knock Out for more than five years, it's one of my more "recent" favorites. Thinking of how often I've performed this reminds me of uncountable hotel shows everywhere. Today, it's usually the closer for my close-up sessions at business seminars. The response you get when that final prediction is turned up is incredible.

Speaking of closers, I used Clip Line as the finale for my first act. Reminiscing on this one takes me to West Virginia and visits with my friend Al Mann. I've just learned A1 died as Jeff and I were writing this book. Controversial as Al was, there's no denying he was a brilliant thinker. Al's work on the effect inspired me to create my earliest handlings. Clip Line Deluxe — the method you'll read here — is the fifth version I invented. It's the simplest, cleanest, and most powerful — still a closer. When I showed it to Al, he said in his typical way, "Very good, Richard!"

Jeff has a recording of me doing Air Wave Telepathy on the radio. I remember the first time I did it, with a frantic drive up Connecticut's Route 91 in a howling snow storm trying to get to the station on schedule! That radio show was a huge success promoting an event I was doing the following week. I hesitated to give away this one, but Jeff offered to pay off my mortgage if I did! Seriously, it is one of the strongest effects you can perform on the air.

I couldn't resist putting My Father's Favorite in this book. Not because it's the first trick I learned, and not because I wanted to write about my father. You'll read how I recently used it effectively to cap off my work for a client. This "forgotten miracle" is a stunning impromptu effect with a normal deck of cards. You'll have to pay attention — following that trick are two things I wouldn't have given away without Jeff's persuasion. One is a subtlety I use in my card work; the other is my Miracle Thought Projection. Can you imagine the effect of placing a card on the table, asking a spectator to name any card, and having them turn over that card? I do it almost daily.

In short, the book you now hold in your hands contains tricks and routines I have made a living with for more than 20 years. There are no pipe dreams — they are practical — each has been tested repeatedly "under fire." I hope you'll have as much success with them as I have.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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