Borrow a ring from a member of the audience. Ask about the ring's history, doing any of the standard gags. While talking, get the ring into Finger Palm position in your right hand. Turn to a spectator at the right as you apparently place the ring into your left hand, secretly retaining it in the right.

Ask the spectator to grasp your left wrist. As if demonstrating what you want done, take hold of your left wrist with your right hand. This gives the proper time misdirection, disconnecting the false transfer from the coming vanish of the ring. It also provides cover for the Finger Palm, effectively concealing the ring as you open your right hand under your left wrist, then grasp it.

As the spectator reaches for your arm, release the grip of your right hand, again concealing the ring in right Finger Palm, allowing your right hand to drop to your side. After relaxing momentarily, ask the spectator if he has a firm grip. Then, go into your right coat pocket with your right hand for the lighter. Leave the ring in the pocket as you bring out the lighter and ignite it.

Wave the lit lighter above your closed left hand a few times, ask the spectator to release his grip, then dramatically open the hand, showing the ring has vanished. Place the lighter on the table.

You explain the flame has caused the ring to become invisible ... then add the ring has flown outside to the parking lot... into the glove compartment of your car! Tell the lender you will both go and get it, as you reach into both coat pockets as though searching for your keys.

Bring out the keys with your left hand, with your left fingers holding the leather fob, displaying the keys by allowing them to dangle as you show them. At the same time the right hand retrieves the ring and comes out of the pocket. You do not palm the ring, but rather hold it behind your first two fingers with the right thumb.

Keep the keys moving for a few seconds, then transfer them to your right hand. As the hands meet, the right fingers slide the ring against the screw mechanism and press upward. This opens the gap, causing the ring to pop onto the loop of the fob, all in one move.

Now, release the fob with the left fingers, and hold it by the keys with the right hand. Keep talking, then look down, as if you've suddenly "noticed" the ring hanging from the loop of the fob. No one will notice the loop of the fob is not screwed shut. As you show it around, you'll have plenty of time to screw it shut as you handle the loop by the screw lock, turning it over.

End the routine by handing the fob to the lender to verify it's his ring. Ask him to remove it. Because of the fob's spring-loaded design, most people keep unscrewing it long after the threads are free, making the effect appear even more impossible!

Leaving the lock unscrewed, put the lighter and key fob back in the appropriate coat pockets. The spectator has reset the key fob so you can do the routine immediately at another table!

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