Ask the spectator to think of any card as you give the deck a convincing False Shuffle or two. Cut it legitimately as much as you wish. (As I mentioned in my BREAKTHROUGH CARD SYSTEM book, the False Shuffle I use is in THE TARBELL COURSE IN MAGIC: VOLUME ONE on pages 255-256 under the name The Riffle False Shuffle. I usually do this shuffle a few times on my knee to make it look more casual.)

Hand the spectator the deck and have him fan through it to find his mentally selected card. Instruct the spectator to cut the deck in front of his card, which places the selection on the face of the deck.

To add logic to these actions, you comment by handling the cards this way the spectator will prevent you from seeing either the front or back of the selection. If you think there will be any confusion, use the Jokers and extra cards to demonstrate what you want the spectator to do.

Now, walk across the room and turn your back as the spectator cuts the deck and looks at his card, "To set the image firmly in your mind/' or so you tell him. You then instruct the spectator to slide the selection off the face of the deck, then bury it anywhere in the deck.

Walk back to the spectator and hold out your hand for the deck. He will place it on your open hand. Say, "If I were to look through this deck and find your card, would that impress you?" As you ask the first part of the question, you point at the deck, then tilt the cards just enough to see the bottom card. Since this card was right above his selection, you can immediately compute the card he thought of.

Whatever his answer, instantly hand back the deck and say, "Well, let's not even use the deck! Think of your card."

Stare him in the eye, do a mental count of three, then name his card!

Watch the expression of shock on his face. There doesn't seem any way you could have learned the card's identity. If the spectator helping you could be an important contact, allow him to keep the cards as a souvenir.

Having performed this effect thousands of times I've found this: If you walk far away from the spectator he lowers his guard ... when you turn around, he may flash the face card of the deck. Should this happen, don't approach him, but finish the effect from across the room. When this happens, you have the ultimate killer effect!

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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