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I've always been a great admirer of Al Koran and the way he performed, mixing magic and mentalism so successfully. One of his most popular effects was the Flying Ring, published in his PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS — a book full of wonderful material for the worker. The Koran effect, using a Reel as motive power to move a borrowed ring into a leather key case, is on the market through myriad dealers today, in many models, under many names, mostly Ring Flight and Ring Flite.

Regrettably, the standard method for the trick has acquired a "reputation." As Carl Andrews, a professional magician working restaurants in Hawaii, remarked on his recent video, it's so inappropriate for table-to-table work the effect has earned the nickname "Ring Fright"! There is plenty that can go wrong with the original method, despite all the precautions you may take to eliminate them: the line on the Reel or the mechanism can break unexpectedly, leaving you with the borrowed ring in your hand and nowhere to go; and the clip can fail, sending the ring truly flying!

Realistically, because of the setup, it's completely impractical for the tablc-to-table worker. I mean, what restaurant magician can take his coat off between tables and reset the line? No, you have another table to please right away.

A few dealers and writers have offered versions of Koran's cffcct without the Reel, notably Richard Mark with his Ring On Ring On, and Steve Dusheck with his Ringer. I bought Dusheck's prop and found it clever enough to try. Unfortunately, after a month of use, it broke. I bought another with the same result. So, I set out to invent a more practical and different method back in the mid-1980s.

What follows is my variation of the Flying Ring effect. Here, after the borrowed ring vanishes, it reappears securely trapped on a completely ungaffed key fob. It's an effect I used often in my close-up work, particularly when I was doing restaurant magic table-to-table. Since it doesn't use a Reel, you don't have to worry about mechanical failure — it's a no risk method.

And, the table-to-table worker will love this facet: It's always ready to go, resets instantly, and there's nothing hanging out of your pocket. Furthermore, along with the standard effect, my version allows the spectators to handle the fob. It also has added mystery value: the lender of the ring must unscrew the fob to remove his jewelry.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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