Air Wave Telepathy

As I mentioned, Clip Line Deluxe is an extremely strong routine. I used it constantly in my performances for three years. However, in 1992, German performers Michael Sondermeyer and Uwe Schenk developed what is so far the ultimate twist on the Spackman original — though it is not a prediction — calling it Alpha-Mental.

In this effect, the paper is shown unprepared (though it is cleverly gaffed), clipped anywhere the spectator wishes, then the spectator just thinks of any word in the top several lines. You instantly begin to call off the selected word.

Marketed in the English-language version exclusively by Jeff Busby, I got it, then immediately added it to my show. I should tell you I rarely add new material to my act, and when I do, they're usually my creations! As I wrote Jeff after I began to use Alpha-Mental, "This is one of the finest professional mental routines to come along in years. It's a 5-star blockbuster effect!"

I added numerous handling ideas and presentational points to the Sondermeyer-Schenk effect, making it into a feature two-phase miracle that suited my style. It was the highlight of a show I worked during Christmas of 1992 for the then-Governor of Connecticut, Lowell Weicker, at the Executive Mansion. Governor Weicker participated in the routine, then wrote me a terrific letter afterward, saying "You were truly amazing! ... You made me a believer!" Subsequently, I did several more shows for the Governor's parties at the mansion, including one which all the living ex-Governors of the state attended.

In 1993, Jeff Busby put my professional routine on the market with the Alpha-Mental package, as part of his "after-service" for his customers. It's a comprehensive manuscript describing my routine exactly as I do it, with all my patter and handling points. (Governor Weicker's letter, on his letterhead, is reproduced in full on the front page of the manuscript.) As I write this, it's still available from Jeff. I recommend it highly and continue to use it — it's one of the strongest pieces of mentalism ever. But, if the supply of the necessary gimmicked materials runs out and Alpha-Mental becomes unavailable, I'll have no hesitation going back to my Clip Line Deluxe routine!

In my travels across the country, I often do interviews on radio talk shows to promote my performances. While I've found mentalism between you and the host can be effective establishing your reputation as a mystery worker over the air, an astounding effect you can use reading the mind of a random caller is extremely rare ... and I'd say one most mentalists would pay top dollar for! It would work equally well on a television show, where interviewees answer questions asked by callers. So, I'm rather reluctant to pass the following idea along, but Jeff engaged in a bit of arm-twisting. If you have Alpha-Mental and need something sensational to stun listeners and callers on your next radio appearance, this is the ticket.

Here's how I work it: During the interview, the host puts a random caller on the line. I have the host indicate the stopping point as I run the scissors down the newspaper clipping, cutting where he wishes, and handing it to him. (Those who have Alpha-Mental know the spectator — in this instance the radio show host — can be right next to you without seeing anything.) As the host describes what is happening to the listening audience, I am escorted out of the room by a station employee into another studio, where I can't hear the show.

While I am in seclusion, the host slowly reads the top four lines of the newspaper article to the caller. After she has heard them, the host asks her to just "think" of any of the larger words she'd heard and concentrate on it. Then they retrieve me.

Now, I quickly begin the revelation. I guarantee as you reveal the mentally selected word letter-by-letter, both the listener and the host will flip: You'll get audible gasps and exclamations of surprise over the air! This dumbfounds everyone.

What's perfect about this for radio is the other station listeners hear all the different words the caller has to choose from. No two even sound alike. Air Wave Telepathy is equally staggering as my Some Total Radio, another "over the air" mental routine I gave to Larry Becker for his 1992 book, STUNNERS!. If you don't have Alpha-Mental, you're neglecting a dynamite effect that never fails to make their jaws drop, whether for a formal show, or the way I've just described it.

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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