To Prepare And Perform

There is no advance preparation other than obtaining an ordinary, complete deck of 52 playing cards.

To begin, the cards are handed to the participant to examine and shuffle. Then simply follow the procedure as detailed because it's totally automatic. All the performer has to do is to remember the ninth card from the bottom of the shuffled deck as he feigns memorizing the order the deck. The constant reference to the target card is important during the performance; otherwise the audience could forget the identity of the target card. It's also important to build the suspense of the climax leading up to the revelation of the eleventh (or whatever number is used) card. Also, should four counts produce no match-ups and there are four face down cards in the row, the top card of the deck being held by the spectator will be the target card. Surprisingly, this seldom occurs in performance. But, should it occur, just act as if you knew it would end that way. This demonstration could easily be titled the second trick that fooled Einstein. If you've been in mentalism for any length of time, you're familiar with the first.

(Author's note: This version of Four-Told takes the effect full circle. I discovered the original version far too long ago to recall its creator. The improvements in the original Four-Told was the add-on of the predicted card and the spelling procedure to position it ninth from the bottom of the shuffled deck. However, I believe this variation is much cleaner and more contemporary.)

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