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The most difficult part of preparing for Mind Probe is to locate the proper type of dollar bill. You could actually have one in your possession right this very minute...or you could have to do a little searching. First, what kind of bill do you need? Well, the serial number on your dollar bill must have only 3 possibilities out of 8. In other words, even though there are 8 digits, the numerals that make up that 8-digit number must be a combination of only three numbers. For instance, in the illustration, the number 27724724 actually gives the spectator a choice of only 3 digits...2-7-4. The subtle mention of the fact that U.S. paper currency has 8 digits is what conditions the audience's mind that the spectator has a broader selection to choose from than he actually has. Since the spectator does have a choice of 3 different digits, he will be satisfied that all is fair and above board.

The easiest way to locate several bills that fill the bill (forgive the pun) to obtain two packages of one dollar bills (they come $50 to a pack) from your local bank. Naturally you'll have to give them a check for $100 in return. Be sure you specify that the bills should not be new ones. Look through them. You'll probably find several. Use one and put the others away in case you need them at some future time.

To prepare the bill, select one of the three possible numbers and circle it in the serial number in the lower left hand corner of the bill as it faces you. See illustration (1). Select one of the two remaining possible numbers and neatly print it on George's forehead. Turn the bill over so that the lighter side faces you and print YOU WILL THINK OF THE NUMBER ...and fill in the last of your three possibilities. See illustration (2).

It will now be necessary to pre-fold the bill, making sharp creases to facilitate quickly folding it in the proper configuration as soon as you have removed it flat from your wallet.

FOLD NUMBER ONE: Fold the bill in half, with the darker side IN and the lighter side OUT. Crease with your finger nail.

FOLD NUMBER TWO: Hold bill with lighter side out with the folded edge to your left. Fold back the top half and crease along the line formed by the E in UNITED and the O in ONE. See illustration (1). The bill should now have its darker side up and look like a shrunken bill.

FOLD NUMBER THREE: Now, fold back the left hand side and crease. Folds 2 and 3 will be aligned. Turn the half bill over. It should look like illustration (3).

FOLD NUMBER FOUR: Move edge A to the left and fold down as shown in illustration (3). Fold 4 should now be aligned with fold 1.

HOW TO SHOW ANY ONE OF THE THREE POSSIBLE DIGITS: When the bill has been folded after removing same from your wallet, the spectator's view is as shown in ILLUSTRATION (3). To show the numeral 2 as in our example, it is only necessary to move the edge known as fold 3, to the right like turning the page of a book. The spectator will see George's picture with a bold numeral 2 on his forehead. If the spectator should select the numeral 7...all that's necessary is to turn the folded half-bill around showing the duplicate serial number with its encircled 7. See illustration (5). Should the spectator select the third possibility, simply grasp the edges A and B at point X...and open the bill out fully with the lighter side facing the spectator. Have him read what you wrote across the top edge of the bill.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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