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You will need a small calculator with a memory feature. One where the memory can be activated before any digits are entered. When you are ready to perform, switch the MEMORY ACTIVATION BUTTON into an on position. Follow the routine as previously outlined up to the point where you hand the calculator to spectator number one...then proceed as follows:

1. Have him enter his mentally selected 3-digit number.

2. Tell him to press the multiplication (x) button.

3. Next, have him press the number 7.

4. Then the multiplication (x) button.

6. At this point, tell him to press the equals (=) button.

7. Finally, the C button to clear the machine.

Retrieve the calculator. After pattering about the ancient mathematical the MEMORY RECALL (usually marked MR button. The final total of the spectator's calculations will appear like magic. Now, press the DIVISION button ...followed by the number 9. Press the equals (=) button and the spectator's original 3-digit number will appear in the window of the calculator. Hand the calculator to spectator number two.

Have the first spectator call out his original, mentally selected 3-digit number. If he has a lapse of memory, simply have him remove the card in his pocket from which he can read off the number he previously recorded on same. Ask the spectator holding the calculator to call out the number in the window. Voila! They match.

You'll drive them crazy with this one. There doesn't seem to be any logical solution for this brainbuster. Even if someone is familiar with the memory feature...they'll never be able to figure out how you could ascertain the original 3-digit number from the sum total of the two multiplication operations.

Experiment with the calculator you probably have around the house. If it doesn't operate as explained, you can probably purchase one that does for as little as $10. Incidentally, if your calculator has a dot or M or other such markings that appear in the window to signal that the memory function is working...simply place an adhesive backed GOLD or RED SIGNAL DOT (available in stationery supply stores) on the window right over the spot where the symbol appears. No one will question it. They'll simply think that it's supposed to be there and it hides the telltale symbol beautifully.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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