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Open the ID case so the interior is visible to the spectator as shown in the accompanying illustration. The credit card is at the top. Tell the spectator to mentally select any one of the items as he embarks on his imaginary shopping trip. Be sure he notes the retail price of his selected items. Allow the ID case to close, top to bottom. Place the case on the table with the opening edge toward you. Remove the Listo pencil from your pocket and hand it to the spectator. Pick up the case and open it so that only you can see the interior (the list is in your left). Insert the fingers of the right hand behind the yellow card and remove the duplicate credit card. Allow the case to close right to left. Hand the credit card to the spectator and request that while your back is turned, he is to write the amount of his imaginary purchase on the back of the credit card using the Listo pencil. The ID case should be held in the left hand The opening of the case is to the left. If the case were to be opened at this point, the yellow card would be on the left.

When the spectator has finished, place both hands behind your back...palms up. Instruct the spectator to place the credit card price side down on your right hand. Turn around and face the spectator. Keep both hands behind your back. Now, turn the credit card over in your right hand. With your left the ID case in your left hand. Insert the credit card under the yellow card. Be sure you push it all the way in. Now, allow the case to close. Hand the ID case to the spectator and tell him to look once again at the list and to mentally imagine that a circle is being drawn around his mentally selected item.

As the spectator opens the case to do this, two things happen, he sees the permanently mounted credit card and thinks it's the one upon which he wrote the price of his mentally selected item. Also, since he's freely handling the ID case, it negates any possibility in his mind that the case could possibly be gimmicked.

Take back the ID case and the Listo pencil. Holding the case with the open double compartment side facing you (the yellow card is on the left) remove the yellow with your right fingers. VOILA! The spectator's secretly noted price will be visible to you in the left compartment. Because the back of the ID case is facing the spectator, he cannot see the interior of the case.

Immediately, close the case and drop it in your jacket pocket. Now, all that remains is to locate the item adjacent to the amount of money you noted on the credit card. With the Listo pencil, circle the appropriate item without letting the spectator see what you are doing. Place the list, printed side down, on the table and ask the spectator to state for the first time which item he is concentrating upon. Naturally, it's the one you circled.

As I stated previously, the handling is slightly different than the commercial version. However, as you can see, PsyQuik is one of the most potent weapons ever developed for the professional mentalist's arsenal.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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