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Have the bill folded flat in your wallet along with several other bills. To perform, patter about precognition and state that you would like to attempt a small experiment using a dollar bill. State that the bill contains a premonition you had earlier in the day. As you state this, remove the bill from your wallet and keeping it in motion, quickly fold it along the pre-creased folds so that George is hidden inside and the serial number with the encircled 7 is facing you. The half the spectator sees is shown in illustration (3). State that U.S. paper currency has an 8-digit serial number. Hold the bill up so the spectator can see the number. Have him mentally select one of the several possibilities. Note that you state several...not eight. Ask if he wishes to change his mind. When he's settled on one digit...ask which number he's concentrating upon. Depending upon which of the three possible numbers he selected...proceed as previously outlined to prove that you have correctly predicted which number he would concentrate upon.

Immediately call for applause for your volunteer (to distract attention from the bill) and replace the bill in your wallet as you proceed to your next miracle. In the event the spectator's number is the one on George's mind, you can add a little humor by stating that it's a little known fact that George Washington had great psychic ability. In fact, if the spectator will call out the number on George's mind, you'll prove it. But, no matter which of the three revelations you use, be sure that you have the spectator call it aloud.

I'm sure you will get great pleasure out of performing this little gem. At no time does the spectator get a glimpse of the possibilities other than the one you show him. It's a fabulous semi-impromptu effect.

If spectator selects the number 7 simply turn bill over and show that you previously circled the mentally selected number. To show a third possibility, grasp edge (A) near point (X) with right fingers. Hold edge (B) with left fingers. Move right fingers to the right, opening bill with lighter side facing spectator. Have spectator read aloud your prediction printed along the top edge of the dollar bill.

Open on fold #t if spectator's choice is the number 2. Show what's on George's mind.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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