To Perform

Holding the cards FACE UP...arrange the six Queens with the DOWNWARD POINTING SNAKE HEADS all at one end. Square up the packet. That's all the advance preparation necessary.

Begin by placing the prompter card on the table with the Gypsy names and descriptions of their powers side UP...where you can easily refer to it. Hold the packet of cards FACE DOWN in your left hand. Run the cards from LEFT TO RIGHT showing the backs of the six cards. Turn the packet FACE UP. Again run the cards from LEFT TO RIGHT showing the cards to be six IDENTICAL Queen of Clubs.

Turn the packet FACE DOWN and hand to a spectator requesting him to thoroughly MIX THE CARDS. Since they're all the same...this usually produces a chuckle. Casually demonstrate a brief OVERHAND SHUFFLE...he'll follow your lead and do the same. As soon as the spectator has finished, take the packet of cards and hold them FACE DOWN in your left hand. With your LEFT THUMB, push off the top card slightly to the right. With your RIGHT HAND, flip the top card FACE UP... RIGHT TO LEFT. Glance at the prompter card and state that the first Gypsy Queen is MADAM MATILDA. With your right hand, grasp the upper right hand corner of the face up card as the left thumb pushes it to the right. The right thumb should go UNDER the corner while the first two fingers go on top. Without letting go, bring the top card to an upright position facing the spectator. State that MADAM MATILDA is a specialist in PSYCHOKINESIS...the control of mind over matter. It's easy to remember all this. All you have to do is read it right off of the prompter card. Now, place the card FACE DOWN UNDER the packet held in the left hand.

With the LEFT THUMB, push off the next card on top, to the right. With the right fingers, FLIP THE CARD FACE UP from RIGHT TO LEFT. Again, introduce the next Gypsy Queen as MADAM CRYSTAL. Push the face up card to the right and this time, with the right fingersFLIP THE CARD FACE DOWN RIGHT TO LEFT. Push the top card to the right slightly, using the left thumb. Grasp the LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the top card with the right hand...FINGERS UNDERNEATH

and THUMB ON TOP. Bring the card to an upright position with the Oueen facing the spectator. Continue pattering by stating that Madam Crystal is a master of RETROCOGNITION which is defined as knowledge of the past obtained by paranormal means. Place the card FACE DOWN on the BOTTOM of the packet. Handle the remaining four cards in the EXACT SAME MANNER AS THE SECOND CARD. As each card is shown, it is introduced by name and the ESP power each Gypsy is noted for. Just follow the order as it is printed on the prompter card.

If you have followed the procedure as outlined, the TOP card at this point will be the "ODD CARD." In other words, the "snake's head" will be POINTING TO THE LEFT...while the other five Queens will have the "snake's head" POINTING DOWN. In a sneaky, but innocent fashion you have turned one card end-for-end to act as a marked or odd card.

Now proceed by handing the packet of cards to the spectator. Turn the prompter card over so that he can easily see the six (6) parapsychological words. Ask him to glance over the ESP powers that the gypsies possess and to MENTALLY SELECT ANY ONE OF THEM. Read them off aloud one at a time. Tell him that while your back is turned, he is to CAREFULLY SPELL his mentally selected word by TRANSFERRING ONE CARD AT A TIME FROM THE TOP OF THE PACKET TO THE BOTTOM FOR EACH LETTER IN HIS CHOSEN WORD. State that this will enable him to further impress the word in his mind and possibly facilitate your reception of his thoughts. Be sure the spectator holds the packet FACE DOWN as he does this. Also, point out that he should transfer the cards as QUIETLY AS POSSIBLY so as to not give any clue to the word he is concentrating upon. To facilitate the spelling of his mentally selected word, instruct the spectator to gaze at his word on the card as he spells it. (Note: The manner in which the target words are hyphenated makes it easy for the spectator to spell his word with a minimal chance for error.) As he begins, turn your back and walk several feet away. Appear to concentrate intently. When the spectator has indicated that he has finished...approach him and take back the packet of cards.

Recap the test conditions under which the experiment has been conducted. State that you will now check the gypsies for any lingering vibrations or impressions. Turn the packet face up in the left hand. Now, fan the packet of six cards so that the upper portion of all six queens are clearly visible. Counting from right to left...note the numerical position of the odd card. Suppose the odd card is third from the right...a glance at the prompter card will tell you that the third word from the top of the list is mental telepathy. This will be the spectator's mentally selected (and spelled) word. A cute bit at this point is to tell the spectator that if he listens closely he can actually hear the girls gabbing away like crazy. Hold the fan of cards near the spectator's ear. This is always good for a laugh (and great misdirection if you want to delay your look for the odd card until you're holding the cards near the spectator's ear).

It is advisable not to look at the prompter card as soon as you have determined the number at which the chosen word appears. To get the information, remove any of the six cards and place it face doiwn next to the prompter card. Now, flip the card face up and state, do you know who this is? As you do so, you'll have ample time to let your eyes stray over to the prompter card to learn which word the spectator is thinking of. Assuming that his choice was mental telepathy ... state that it is someone skilled in mind-to-mind communication...Madam April...and the word that you are concentrating upon is MENTAL TELEPATHY. Is that correct? Naturally he will answer in the affirmative.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy performing the Fabulous Gypsy Spell as much as I have.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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