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Arrange the six cards in the order shown in illustration (C). The different colored spots should be in the upper left hand corners and the card containing TWO BLUE SPOTS on the face of the packet. At this point, if the cards are fanned from left to right it would appear that each card contains a different colored spot. This illusion is created by the BLUE SPOT CARD on the face of the packet (containing two blue spots) and the different colored spot showing in the upper left hand corners of the remaining five cards. The duplicate BLUE spots are hidden from view by the manner in which the cards are fanned. Snap a rubber band around the six cards and place them in your right hand jacket pocket.

As you have undoubtedly guessed by now, the effect is accomplished through the use of two well known principles, each cleverly disguised. The one ahead principle and the force. To perform, follow the effect as previously outlined up to the point where you write your first prediction. On a slip of paper, print the word BLUE. Do not allow anyone to see what you have written. Fold the slip and drop it in the tumbler. Now have the spectator call out the amount of money he is planning to spend. This is to permit the second spectator to record the information on the pad you have provided. Be sure you remember the amount called. Now, remove the packet of six cards from your pocket with the color spot sides up. Fan them from left to right as shown in illustration (C). Call off the six colors. Close the fan of cards and turning them over end for end away from you...shuffle them overhand and deal them in a row on the table with the makes of automobile sides face up. Have the spectator mentally select one of the makes. On a second slip of paper, pretend to write your impression of the spectator's thought...but actually write in the amount of money previously called out. Once again, do not allow anyone to see what you have written. Fold the slip and drop it in the tumbler containing your first prediction. Have the spectator now call out his choice of make. Ask spectator number two to record same on the pad. Using the third slip of paper, you now write your third and last prediction or impression. Naturally, you write in the make of auto just revealed by spectator number one. Fold the slip as before and drop it in the glass.

Now, ask spectator number one to freely touch any one of the six cards, noting that the card he touches is the one you'll use. As soon as he indicates which of the six cards he has selected, pick it up by grasping the lower left hand corner of the chosen card...thumb on top and first two or three fingers underneath. Raise the card so that everyone can see the color of the card selected. Because the fingers of the left hand are covering the colored dot in the lower left hand corner of the card only the BLUE DOT in the opposite corner will be visible to the spectators. In a perfectly natural fashion you have forced the color BLUE. As soon as the color has been noted by all and recorded by spectator number two, drop the selected card dot side down on the table and gather up all six cards. Snap the rubber band around the cards and drop them in your jacket pocket. Be sure you do not flash the face of the colored spot side of the cards as you do this. (Note: For those who think it necessary, a duplicate unprepared packet of cards could be made up and kept in your pocket for a subsequent switch if anyone wishes to later examine the cards. This is entirely up to you.)

Now all that remains is for you to pick up the tumbler and dump the three predictions onto the table. Naturally, this is done so no one will be able to determine which is which. When all three have been opened and compared with the make, color and price recorded by spectator number two, you'll receive a nice round of applause for successfully accomplishing an unbelievable demonstration of extrasensory perception.

That's all there is to it. Fast, clean, simple and totally baffling. The handling is so innocent and natural you can devote 90% of your effort to the presentation.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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