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Memorize the following: YELLOW - Circle/ RED - Cross/ BLUE - Square/ GREEN - Star. As soon as you have committed these pairs to memory, you're ready to proceed with this dynamite swindle. After you have selected your committeeman...take him aside and explain that when you have gone, he is to select any one of the four design it printed side down in the box...and then replace the two rubber bands that secure the drawer shut. Show him how the box looks with the bands in place, then open it (leave the 2 bands around the middle)... remove the four design cards. Say nothing about the color, at this point it means nothing and later your audience will never even know that the backs of the cards were in fact different in color. Tell the spectator that when called upon he is to bring the sealed box on stage. Oh yes, hand him a small manila coin envelope (opaque) and tell him that as soon as he has sealed his selected design card in the box...he is to place the remaining three cards in the envelope and seal it also. That's it.

Now, go back and read over the description. When you call the spectator up, be sure to emphasize that you were not in the same room when one of several design cards was selected and sealed printed side down in a box with four strong rubber bands. Ask the spectator to hand you the box. Show it all around as you call attention to the fact that the box is 100% opaque. Place the box in your left hand as previously outlined, opening the drawer secretly. At the same time, ask the spectator to hold his right hand outstretched, palm up. Sneak a peek inside the drawer and note the color of the cardboard. Naturally this tells you immediately which design the spectator sealed in the box. Allow the drawer to close and place the box on the spectator's outstretched palm. Tell him to place his left hand over the box and concentrate upon the design he sealed inside. After due concentration, proceed to draw the spectator's choice on a pad with a bold marker. Ask him to call out which of the several designs he is concentrating upon. Show your drawing and take a bow. Be sure to ask for the return of the sealed envelope along with the box as you call for a round of applause for your committeeman.

This is one effect that you can play to the hilt. The spectator can honestly confirm everything that transpired. The audience of course, doesn't know anything about the colored backs of the pieces of cardboard. The box looks so secure, the spectator will never suspect that anyone could see what's inside. And the fact that the so called design side of the cards is placed face down in the box will throw off anyone else...including magicians!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this diabolical creation as much as I have. It's a real fooler. A very large effect for a very small amount of effort on your part.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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