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Follow the effect as previously outlined. Remove the cards and show them to be well mixed and different. Place them on the table and have the spectator cut them several times. While he is doing this, hand out the prediction envelope for safekeeping. Ask the spectator to cut the pack into two piles. Pick up the battery operated card shuffler. Be sure to hold it high enough so that no one can catch a glimpse of the stack of cards inside the drawer. Ask the spectator to hand you half the pack. Place it on one side of the shuffler...face up. Ask for the remaining half. Place it in the other side, also face up. Now, explain that by simply touching the bar at the base of the drawer, the pack of cards will automatically be thoroughly shuffled. As you say if to demonstrate...touch the bar that activates the shuffler just enough to allow a few cards to be shuffled off into the inner compartment.

That's all she wrote. The dirty work is done. Now, hand the shuffler to the spectator to finish the job. Naturally, if he spots any cards inside the shuffler... he reasons that they are the ones just shuffled off during your demonstration. (How sneaky can you get?)

When the pack has been completely shuffled...remove the pack from the drawer and turning it FACE DOWN...hand it to the spectator to deal the two face down poker hands consisting of five cards each. Since you stacked the 10 cards in pairs ...each hand will be identical so it doesn't make any difference WHICH hand he returns to the pack. Naturally, you've previously memorized the five cards the spectator's holding so it's a simple matter to call off four of them leaving the Ace of Hearts for last to match your prediction. The first four cards in the stack are in the familiar Si Stebbins rotation to make the memory work easy as pie.

Dynamation is dynamite. And the use of the automatic card shuffler is a brand new innovation in mentalism. Its use eliminates a frequently encountered problem of the spectator who cannot handle a pack of cards. How many times have you seen an all thumbs volunteer from the audience mutilate your cards as he attempts to riffle shuffle them. In fact, even when it is used legitimately the battery operated automatic card shuffler lends an added air of credibility to the mixing of the cards. It can even be used by magicians performing Paul Curry's wonderful card effect, Out-of-this-World. The 13 Red - 13 Black - 13 Red - 13 Black set-up melds beautifully with only one or two mistakes which are quickly righted while removing the Jokers. I've even used it in conjunction with the unique Gilbreath Principle to produce a fabulous brain-buster publicity effort.

Prior to one of your shows, arrange to visit with a reporter who has agreed to attend your performance. Remove the pack of cards from its card case (naturally, it's been stacked in the necessary alternating red/black order). After quickly running through the cards to show that they're well mixed (an uneven spreading action will not disclose the alternating color set-up)...divide the pack in half and place one half face-down in either side of the card shuffler. Be sure that when you divide the pack you do so between two cards of contrasting color. Now, have the reporter press the activator bar, shuffling the pack automatically. Remove the pack and hand it to the reporter to alternately deal into two piles.

At this point, remove an envelope from your pocket. Allow the reporter to select either pile and ask him to seal it in the envelope...which he then signs. The sealed envelope is then locked into a metal cash box which you have provided. The reporter keeps the box.. .you retain the key. During your performance the reporter is invited to bring the sealed box on stage. The details of what previously transpired are related to the audience. The key is handed to the reporter who unlocks the box and removes the sealed envelope containing the well shuffled cards. Naturally the reporter will be the first to admit that not only doesn't he know the order of the cards...there's no way in the world for anyone else to know the order or have influenced the random manner in which the cards were shuffled.

The mentalist removes a second envelope which he explains contains 26 cards that he randomly selected and shuffled earlier in the evening. Opening this envelope, the mentalist calls for the assistance of a volunteer from the audience to whom he hands his 26 cards. The volunteer and the reporter are instructed to stand behind the table and to hold their respective 26 card packets face up ready for dealing. The mentalist has them simultaneously deal their cards into two piles on the table, calling aloud the color of the card they're dealing. To the amazement of all...the color order of both packets is identical. If the reporter doesn't give you a few lines of good press for that little miracle...he's a disgrace to his profession.

The modus operandi is simplicity itself. After the reporter selects the pile he wishes to seal in the envelope, you casually pick up the remaining pile and place it in your pocket. When he has completed locking the cards in the box you retain the key and leave the box in his possession with instructions where and when he is to deliver it. At your leisure, you simply jot down the reverse of the color order of the half pack you placed in your pocket. In other words, if the top card of the packet in your pocket is jot down RED...and so on. When you've reversed the color order of all 26 cards, arrange a packet of 26 cards accordingly. Your 26 card packet will now perfectly match the color order of the reporter's 26 card packet sealed in the box.

Dynamation can also be used in performing the Computer Dating routine which can be found in my first book...World of Super Mentalism.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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