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Begin by removing the cards from their case and handing them to a spectator for shuffling. While he is doing this, snap open the paper bag and hand it to a second spectator for examination. When he's satisfied it's unprepared, have him place the open bag on the table so that it stands upright. Ask the first spectator to place the pack of shuffled cards face down inside the bag. Now, pick up the bag and place it on the palm of your left hand as you explain that the bag serves the same purpose as the shoe used by blackjack dealers in Las Vegas. It prevents any possibility of manipulating the cards. With your right hand, reach into the bag. The bottom of the bag should be parallel with the floor. With the fingers of the right hand, lift the top card of the pack and pivot it towards the right narrow side of the bag. Now, slightly tilt the bag towards the right and downward. The rest of the deck will slide towards the upright card...pinning it against the narrow side of the bag. (See illustration A.)

Keeping the bag slightly tilted, reach in and remove the top card of the pack with the right hand. As you do this, casually GLANCE inside the bag and note the identity of the upright card pinned against the narrow side of the bag. This takes but a split second. (The use of the jumbo index cards facilitates quickly identifying the upright card.) Once you know the identity of this card it will no longer be necessary to hold the bag below shoulder level. Gradually raise the level of the bag so that it becomes obvious as you remove the cards that you cannot see inside the bag. Continue to remove one card at a time from the top of the deck...dropping them face down in a pile on the table. Instruct the spectator to call stop at any time he wishes as you are removing the cards one at a time from the bag. When he calls stop...tilt the bag slightly to the left. This will cause the upright card (the one you spotted earlier) to drop on top of the remaining cards in the bag. Immediately, grasp the top of the bag and hand it to the spectator. Turn and walk away. With your back to the spectator, instruct him to open the bag...reach in...and remove the top card of the pack. Tell him to look at this card and to concentrate on it. Go through your most dramatic telepathic anguish...wrinkled brow and all. Then, proceed to reveal the card the spectator is concentrating upon.

There aren't too many other effects in the field of mentalism that can be performed so easily. So cleanly. And still pack such a terrific wallop. No gimmicks. No gaffs. What more could you ask for?

A slight tilt of bag to the left will cause the upright card to topple over and fall onto the top of the pack.

Illustration (A) - x-ray view of pack of cards inside paper bag with upright card in position against narrow side of bag.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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