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The next effect is one that has caused me a great deal of anguish. It's too good. In fact, at one point in its development, I seriously considered marketing it through advertisements in such noteworthy publications as the National Enquirer. The ad that I wrote is included here for your edification. Naturally, I decided against it...for many reasons. The biggest reason of all is my dedication to the art that has served me so well for 35 years. No amount of money could make me compromise my principles or the code of ethics that I have voluntarily subscribed to for many years. At any rate, I'm sure you'll enjoy trying to dope it out from the description that I wrote. Most amazing of all...every word in the ad is TRUE! Here's the copy.

An astounding new discovery! Internationally famous mentalist reveals secret method for making infallible predictions.

Now, in just 5 minutes, you can learn to correctly predict the winners of elections, baseball, football, ice hockey, basketball games and more...Days, weeks, even months in advance without fail or your money back!

Thanks to the inventive genius of one of the world's foremost mentalists, you can now share in the secret of the century. Imagine being able to correctly predict the outcome of events, anytime...EVERY time. And that includes prize fights, baseball games, elections, football games, tennis matches, basketball games, even the flip of a coin. There's NO guesswork involved. It's INFALLIBLE! Your friends will be absolutely amazed. In fact, just for the fun of it, you can offer ridiculous 500 to 1. It doesn't really matter, there's no way you can lose.

Picture this. Several weeks before a championship game, you mail a sealed envelope containing your prediction to someone you're trying to impress with your new found powers of precognition. You've previously instructed the person not to tamper with or open the envelope until the day after the game. ..and then, ONLY in your presence, otherwise all bets are off. At the appointed time, your friend opens the envelope and reads your prediction. It is 100% CORRECT! You have infallibly predicted the winner of a championship game...days or weeks BEFORE the game was played. You CANNOT fail. Your prediction is GUARANTEED to be absolutely correct each and every time. Now if you're thinking this is just an ordinary magician's trick...consider the following:

1. Only ONE prediction envelope is mailed.

2. The envelope contains only ONE prediction slip with your prediction printed on ONE side.

3. You NEVER touch the envelope or the prediction slip AFTER you write and mail it days, weeks or months before the event whose outcome you're predicting.

4. The prediction NEVER leaves the possession of the person you've mailed it to until he or she opens and reads it.

5. The prediction you make and mail IS the one that's opened and read.

6. No ambiguous wording is used. Your prediction is DIRECT and to the point.

7. There's NO SKILL or SLEIGHT OF HAND required. NO SWITCHES. NO STOOGES. It's truly EASY-TO-DO and looks like an honest-to-goodness MIRACLE!

And there's more. You can even have your prediction notarized as to the time and date it was sealed and mailed. What else can you predict? How about making a friendly little wager that you can predict whether a number someone is thinking of is ODD or EVEN. And just to make it interesting, you agree to contribute $5,000.00 to any worthwhile charity IF your prediction is NOT correct. Don't panic! Your prediction will be right on target no matter what they're thinking.

The Infallible Prediction will enable you to forecast whether an impending blessed event will produce a BOY or a GIRL. And, if you're a SALESMAN...this mind-boggling mental mystery could provide you with the perfect DOOR OPENER. After all, who could resist granting you an audience if it enabled him to see whether or not you can actually predict the future. This appointment making artifice alone could make The Infallible Prediction worth a HUNDRED TIMES MORE than you paid for it. And it's all explained in great detail in the section marked Open Sesame.

Now we know that all of this is hard to believe. But, it's TRUE! Every single word of it. Within a matter of minutes after reading our detailed'll be able to duplicate EVERY prediction feat described in this advertisement. That's a GUARANTEED FACT! And if this description is not 100% accurate...EVERY LAST CENT YOU'VE PAID FOR THIS ASTOUNDING SECRET WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED.

This is not a pipe dream or a come-on. The Infallible Prediction was recently developed for use by professional mentalists in their television appearances and publicity efforts. But, the inventor has decided that it would be more profitable to release it to members of the general public whom recognize the fabulous popularity and business building potential of this diabolic secret...and more important, how to PROFIT from it.

The Infallible Prediction could well be worth thousands of dollars to would-be psychics, professional entertainers and gamblers. But, it's available to you at an unbelievably low price.

What is the secret of infallibility worth? Just (???). A ridiculously small cost made possible because The Infallible Prediction is being sold FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. But, with just a small amount of imagination on your part... you can quickly and easily recoup your miniscule investment.

To add this new and exciting dimension to your life, simply send a check or money order in the amount of (???) to PARAPSYCHOLOGY PLUS, INC., Suite 610, Executive Building, 2201 Route 38, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002. Your Infallible

Prediction Kit will be shipped to you by return mail. There's never been anything like offered before. Be the first in your area to learn and use this unbelievable prediction secret. It's GUARANTEED to work as described...OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

(Note: Even though I declined to market The Infallible Prediction Method, I DID copyright the advertisement above and the modus operandi that follows. Marketing and manufacturing rights are absolutely reserved by Larry Becker and any infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.)

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